November 09, 2005

EH - 42 Studies

Tibor Machan takes the higher education system to task with universities pretending to do research, while churning opinion. We could elaborate further, but reality and competitiveness applied in a cooperative fashion are mutually exclusive concepts today. We can study things to death, but what we read in journals has little basis in reality in the actual field, when (if) you get there.

Logistics dictate that education will become remote. Connecting in to a support group for transportation, equipment, lodging and in-depth training will depend on whether the free market supports a free internet, or the regulatory state takes control.

The question really become - who are you competing against? If you are competing against yourself, you can never win. You can't even break even, because you can always beat yourself up. Stop doing that. Work to support your friendzteammatespartnerz and have them work to support you. Mutual benefit societies formed because of ... mutual benefit. Build on your knowledge base and eventually reality will seize hold through the effects of natural law, because it is really really really tough to get away with breaking natural law time and time again without consequence. Ask my sisters, Rita and Katrina.

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