November 25, 2014

Free Radicals

The last discussion left off with a concept of free radicals that needs to be fleshed out in further depth. The concept of breaking apart a pair of electrons to leave them both loose as a singular entity requires lots of energy. Energy is stored in chemical bonds and when bonds are broken, the loose energy goes into whatever happens to be in the way to absorb it. We work with free radical generators like hydrogen peroxide and ozone regularly - when the population of radicals is large enough where they are constantly meeting each other, then they cancel themselves out by pairing.

The mechanism by which plastics are formed is called a free radical polymerization. A single entity called a monomer is the basic unit of a plastic. In polyethylene, ethylene is the monomer; in polyurethane, urethane is the monomer. A free radical initiator is added as a catalyst in small amount and each place where a reaction is started. The monomer reacts with the initiator and becomes a radical. It finds a neighbor molecule and adds it to create a dimer radical. This finds a either a new monomer, another dimer or an initiator, but based on who is around, the next monomer wins for quite a while. It depends totally on proximity of who is hanging around the site where the action is happening.  Can you say Ferguson?

As the system continues to react, eventually there are more free radical chains than monomers and dimers and larger chains make larger chains and soon, every monomer is part of the great linked polymer. That is how plastic world works on a molecular formative basis. The analogy to social transformation can be used to indicate progress, or digress, which may be necessary first.

Now, first, each of us as an individual is involved in many concurrent relationships. We generally have one favored squeeze, but love includes children and parents, friends and colleagues, even speakers that we haven't met but whom we know from familiarity on some sort of stage. The fact that now, everybody has the stage available, seems to have slipped past us in that desire to conform and be accepted. You can no longer do that here, because here we do not accept the common assumption of life in the USSA.

I used the word catalyst earlier and i want to clarify the term. A catalyst is a chemical that lowers an energy barrier to allow a reaction that would not happen if the energy barrier remained high. There are many 'normal' reactions that take place without the generation of any radicals - however, the mechanisms of chemistry vary because every element has unique form. Each holds a different place in the relationship of all things - chemistry is human consciousness on a molecular level where the bonds between elements are made of love.

Love is not just sex, though sex can be nice. If a new world is going to be based in love, then it requires that we, as humans, redefine the concept in terms that we all can accept, in as many forms as there are chemical reactions. Doc is here thinking as lemme is feeling and the grounding emotions are helping us deal with the high energy of the current solar system, an astrological fractal of the same sort of thing.

On another note entirely, this will be the first blog to be rebroadcast at the Galactic Free Press using a bot. I encourage everyone to keep up with the world of the new by linking to places that resonate with their personal beings. The free press is a secondary source that rebroadcasts a lot of information from places like Waking Times. Thyme's like times, even if time is an illusion.

Namaste' ... doc and lemme

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