September 13, 2012

The State of Water

Travel near, travel far

Little water molecule

Taking the phase of life

Become solid, liquid or gas

State your state of matter

In ephemeral states of mind…

Gas – water evaporated
Blowing in the wind
Coming together
Condensing as clouds
Manipulating climate change
By being in the aerosphere
Holding rainbow images
While recollecting thought…

Liquid – water droplets
As raindrops keep falling down
Hit the ground to splatter into
Puddles that soak the dirt
Or run downhill to the stream
Land sheds water into
Rivers, lakes and oceans,
People, plants and ice…

Solid - water holds people together
Single molecules tether within
Protein functional groups
Providing internal pathways
Which pass along food and fuel
Redirecting resource nutrients
Between intentional cell sets
Living their weighs of life
By manipulating cycles into
Bursts of valuable commodity
That brings internal community
To keep us feeling internally well

Quantum – water in a singlet space
Whereas triplet states occur
To mediate electron flow
Water directs the scenario
Conscious of local linkages
Coordinating complex networks
That keeps us all alive
Thank you, Great Spirit,
For the water of our lives
As the water, in our lives.

© 2007   lemme howdt

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