September 06, 2012

Thyme of times

Thyme slips as time slips
A rolling spiral reevolution
What once was lost is found 
Amidst an empire ready to burst
The birth of life for tomorrow
Pends on incident reflections
Reverberations of symmetry
That allows multiplication of effort
Energy and matter and ... source
Spirit resolute in wave distribution
Colors of light, day and night
Red reflexions in a smoke covered haze
Particles of strontium, in sprayed skies
Symbolizing scattered plots of randomness
As above, so below - so clearly
Tis as if we have no choice
Golden mean spirals inward
Everything converges on infinite zero
As one steps back into position
Gaia exhales with one final oomph
Cosmic yellow star birthday party
Golden means ratio spirals outward
Time from zero to one to one
Is time from two to three to five
Is time from eight to thirteen to twenty-one ...
Large increments in short time are nature's weigh
Distributing pieces for her next game.

(c) 2012  lemme howdt 

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