September 13, 2012

Pop Culture - Ads and Sports

     Sometimes, you just feel like a Devil Dog - chocolate on the outside and vanilla in the middle - creamy - sometimes you just feel like a Devil Dog.  Drake's fruit pies, make you feel wise, come in apple and cherry, - makes you feel all-ri-ight.  Plus - Drake's used to have baseball card panels on the bottom of the box!
     I remember all the old commercials of three free television networks growing up.  Thrills for me - a sports fan who got the Mets, Yankees and Phillies on free TV - the Orioles or Senators on the VHF, and then both the Cubs and Braves on cable - WGN and WTBS were two of the first superstations.  Funny how content was better when there were no choices - today television is a teenage wasteland (the watchers relive their teenage years - even kids who aren't there yet)
    When we look back at the concept of advertising - the idea is to sell something to somebody that they wouldn't use, in multiple to show off.  I can't believe i ate the whole thing sold a lot more alka-seltzer - original was well rewarded.  Sometimes i even got a devil dog.
     Time have changed and that system cannot be used in its entirety.  Nobody in this country acts like Donna Reed or the Brady Bunch - the whole rest of the whirled thinks us 'merrikins are rich because we all have cars - no concept of distance from the Euro-sector.  Too bad tires are not scrumptious.  I think that the powers that were are trying to convince the rurals that there is no lifestyle howdt there - everybody must be citified.
     Well, they broke the bank.  Clean up time, sweep in under the rug.  Wrap up the rug with a body and bury it next to Haffa in Giant stadium in Jersey.  The rigging that keeps the scaffolding in place has slipped, so the drone wars are starting in a personal theatre near you.  The game watches certain folks and counters their actions further away, now affecting people who are collateral at best, generally not involved.  But the pain is real, and the hurt is only visible to the target.  Sweep up the pieces and nothing is as it seems.
     Thus, doc is booking.  It takes kindling to light a fire - it takes a Kindle to muck up a book writing process.  Make it more work, for less result.  Google owns all the knowledge - just ask them.  When a read-only internet premiers, then only what is already there will be available.  Mark your sites - and know how the back doors to get there work.
     For now, time to play prey in a predatory game.  My theory is that at the moment of strike, a 5-MeODMT rush pervades the pea brain cavity with nirvana - the ultimate reward for the ultimate sacrifice.  There are many natures embedded within nature and only a curiosity unsated by passion can tell the different nuance that need be applied to get a skew that works.
     Besides - the absurdity of reality is putting people in jail for collecting rainwater on their property.  Ya think, mebbe, things are beyond control.  Thought so, too.  Til then, KYHD. (keep yer head down)

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