December 18, 2014

On Love

Love is the glue that holds things together - be they people, atoms or water molecules. As the shift comes about - we find that love energy is able to will things to happen, by intention. The act of beginning from a base of unconditional love, allows the freedom to make harsh decisions. You can love without attraction or distraction - as a sense of being comfortable with natural consciousness. I love you because you are reading this, because you are unique and you get to be you, while i can be me.

Love is what it is. A parent's love for their offspring is different than the parents love for each other. Erotic love and tantric love both have deep sexual connotations - the deeper the love field established, the further the pair of willing participants can go. Love for self is a prerequisite - if you cannot be fully there for you, then it is not fair to attempt to be there for someone else. Being nurse to someone you love is an enlightening experience.

Agape love is a different sort of bonding altogether - more of a group phenomena. Even though we are all one,we are also each one and have our individual nature to establish our 'home' realm. I wish to live in a castle, with secret passages and a large kitchen. I would love to surround my sound with friends and family,but no drama. I guess that eliminates most people, just cats and crystals and lovers. 

I had to change my weigh of thinking to be in the moment of now, at all times. I can manifest whatever i need, yet i remain responsible for my thoughts and my action are parceled out accordingly. I own my own time - how i spend that time, in lieu of currency, is always by my own choosing. Returning to the system has never been an option - just have to shuffle up and deal again, then play the hand that we have. Now if you really wish to manifest that royal flush ...

Namaste' ... lemme

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