December 25, 2014

Spinninng Thyme

Fuzzy logic allows leaps of intuition where no science can ever go. As the links are broken, the collective sum of the parts is disintegrating to either magnetic or cosmic - the timelines simultaneously occupying simulspace are leaving each other's perspective. Bid a hasty adieu, we shall see what tomorrow brings only from the perspective of Now - thanks, Eck.

Your basis set is whatever you make it - the holographic delusion has precipitated and the game will change faster now that the spiral has been defined by the golden mean ratio. My sense of wonderment grows as the possibilities expand - growth is an organic function of inorganic elements. To dig deeper, one must unschool the mind and get off the train of thought. Blank yourself, return to ground zero and ask if what you know and what you believe are concurrent. You are your water - enjoy the egg nog of the day.

namaste'... lemme

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