December 17, 2014

New Whirled Manifested

Since the last post : Car to Bus Station to 6 hour journey on a twisty windy road. Rainbow clouds outside of Telluride and an empty Grand Junction station. Stall and puff and five hours later - taking the train across country. Chug chug choo choo. 

Adventures come in many forms. When live does not contain money - the world is a very different place. I started hanging with critters - the bird feeder was always going and Goof the cat would spend time watching. I busied myself writing and editing and creating something different - an interactive platform that transforms my ability to be I AM.

Each of us is who we are. There is no difference in consciousness between different humans, altho, as you know, some people are more dense and others are pure light. We can be our aetherial bodies and still take care of these meat Popsicles for the time being. By leaving the walk of the planet, and having all the time in the world to be at one with my water, the book - The New Weigh - has been completed - to be published somehow this next quarter. This means that doc must return to the land of the almighty failing dollar and manifest exactly what he needs. 

Amtrak has a slight rattle that just doesn't allow sleep. Boarding in late afternoon with a good paperback - the stream of consciousness dissolved into queries upon time.  If time travel is different than space travel, then we are missing something, because time and space are related constructs. So i found this place of mental space where without money - time becomes infinite and all hues of everything radiate. To be in this space, is to contemplate a world with different parameters, where the boundary conditions have changed. The cats speak, the youngest children glow and the age/density gradient is downright combustible.

So, doc, who let everything go, finds himself finished with his book at three in the morning and no ability to sleep in sight ... dissolve into deep thought and start writing, physically, with a pen in a journal. The sunrise in the morning over the desert of Nevada was spectacular - a total reinforcement of the fact that there is more power in the natural world that all the military industrial complex.

At noon, the train hits doc's destination and we are whisked away to a new place - a home where the home will be a home forever. Good friend inherited the wind and turned it into the last place at the end of the road. We have all been here before - Igo was the same weigh.  Each time a fractal repeats in a different form, it takes on more depth and more breadth. If the cycle of seven years repeats after an interval of three, then full cycle of tewnty-one is achieved three times in life before you retire, if you believe in the magic of 65 years old. Trick is to never retire, except at night to the pillow.

Home had a bear visit the previous night - banging trashcans and having a rather sloppy meal.  We walked the fence-line and looked about for his weigh in - it showed a path along side a NID ditch - so we followed. Many yellow and white chantrelle mushrooms greeted lemme like old friends - russilas and others had to take a back seat. Love is in the forest duff and the air when all the components come together in a thriving eco-system. So much to learn - all value is an exchange. A discount filet mignon with sauteed shrooms and dinner for two under 6$ was achieved. Spending money in a grocery store felt so unusual - food is supposed to magically appear in the refrigerator, right?

Whatever became of innocence, that place where you could just believe whatever it was you thought and never got your bubble popped. When kids can be kids, there life is charmed - the indoctrination system has now distorted a child's life and it is totally strange - as in foreign. I like to work with kids, but not with teachers and definitely not with administrators. Yet, i serve as an admin on a chat site - so i guess that here we have another blend of roles - we step up to do the things that we do, because that's what we do, not because somebody said we had to. 

The day at home was ephemeral and doc then boarded another bus and journeyed further. Everywhere is home when you have no plans on where you are going, but spirit knows and when she says move, we get our butts in gear and go. The place where i landed is full circle end of a seven year cycle that began here at the very same place, when home first disappeared in a scam of bankster, conmen and nothing that is really was type of stuff. When you the camel, loaded up and the snipe begins taking pot-shots, the oasis is no longer habitable. When as above, so below, then time reversal completes the symmetry - well that is biomimicry and i recognize the effect because I AM in tune.

So i landed and got fed and had a deep discussion with an old friend - that landed me here in a highly spendy place with cheep rent - so  the birds will come. The cat next door is the mirror image of Goof - two dogs here have channelled Cobalt - so the 21 year cycle is dipping back 42 years also - betcha that doc ends up teaching again. However, since the manifestation of tomorrow does not include the mechanism of today - the form of the exchange will have to be different - a role play game, where we build a scenario that in two years has us auctioning off the 15 player slots in the world that bridges reality and virtual reality to a biomimetic society.  And that's just one of the neat features.

Stay tuned ... Namaste' ... lemme  .... journey story to be continued.

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