December 03, 2014

Woo-hoo 2400

Step back for a moment and help me glance at perspective. This is blog post 2400. Being a reporter of information that changes has been both fulfilling and challenging. So much of what i have seen has been shown to me for reasons that are beyond my current ken. Things that happen are part of the effort to bring peace, joy and love to the whirled - so many peeps have different concepts of these terms.

Today may be a challenge, but everything is all right, yes. Everything's 'fine' - close your eyes, close your eyes and i'll bid you goodnight ....  It all starts within our own minds - our feelings sometimes get lost in the details of the things we have to do. How we feel is as important as what we feel - the ability to function depends on being in the place where you find comfort. 

Thyme is an illusion, and not willing to press effort - the change is here, yet we still require going thru the motion of being, when the place we are is not the place where we are. How do we travel when we are not bound to the physical presence? Rhetorical question, or is it? What i believe is quite different from most - there ought to be a place where i can be, without being compelled into the 3d process that i know longer believe. 

listening to Kryon - always an adventure ... Namaste'  doc

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