May 11, 2007


Amerikan media is a hopeless source of disinformation. People tend to be interested in the prurient details of other people's lives and the big five mega-media conglomerates use that fact to keep the muddled masses distracted and entertained. Information worth having comes from the assessment of useful facts that fit together into pieces that can be applied in creative manners.

Form is the key to function. Symmetry tends to save time and can be used to advantage, when wielded properly. Breaking of symmetry leads to loss of form entirely - a different or rebuilt approach is necessary. You do not get some useful parts, because those parts act like square pegs in round holes - forced to supply structure, but of no real utility or value. Molding these items like clay can provide new shape and substance, but consider fallen pieces as new raw materials, rather than attempting to make the current form fit the function.

If we start with valid information, our public decision making process should get better and dealing with current reality may become possible.

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