November 09, 2012

Landing Where?

     How do you present time upon a different axis?  The change in relative position from here to there is a directional shift perpendicular to the mean axis.  The internal hyperbolic function has hit a new octave and suddenly - we know more than we thought we knew.  Osmosis, or 100th monkey - we can debate how; shaking off the cobwebs of a journey has revealed a different landscape than the one that i encountered in the recent past.
     My guides took me off the net and suspended me from my usual contemporary interface which now has me positioned in a holding pattern.  Yes, Joseph, i have to agree that Rand's hero Rearden the industrialist is another failed icon, but Randian field spin has not been kind when taken out of the context of time that she wrote in.  Glad to rekindle a fractal of past light with our mutual friends.
     Doc has now completed the 64-day game begun in September and is no longer bound by the rules of that particular experiment.  He is at peace with the role that was developed and knows exactly who the replacement module is - however, once again - where are the funds?  There has been no spending on anything not government or election related since my game began - the amplitude of pace has increased while the amplitude of peace has decreased.
     I have a major download that is required - it requires the proper format to keep from having to do this too many times.  We shall see - i think i have an angel.

namaste'     doc

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