November 29, 2012

Changing Games

   All current institutions are suspect - their agendas are built to conserve the status quo by preventing change.  The terms conservation implies keeping what once worked - it no longer means what the term says.  The ideas of all people need open airing, not some overpaid individual designated as leader telling people how to do things when they already know how to do.  We need help on the what to do, not the how to do it.  This is a big picture change proposition - we cannot simply rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic once again.
   To enable a new society to function, we need to move away from the basis set that has invalid assumptions embedded like ruts on a soft road.  We should question significant theories of how things seem to be, but really are not.  Most of our current theory on politics, law, economics, medicine, education and science are DOA - dead on arrival.  These philosophies do not work to unite, they divide such that a new group cannot advance a more rational theory.  Try this blog on for size.
   Mathematics is an overlay that explains life in highly certain terms.  We start with counting and geometry and algebra and work our way into calculus and analytical geometry - each building on proofs that are absolute.  Science knows the limits of measurement based on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle - perhaps it is time to figure out the absolute limits on Gaian metabolism and work to establish a moderate mean value between the extremes.  
   Every field can be looked at from a different perspective.  All fields tend to operate in the same manner - expression is a fractal field on another scale. Let's do some glossary work.  A fractal is a unit of measure where the smallest item is designated as one and cannot be subdivided further, without creating a new fractal.  Adjacent fractals must be similar to each other, and flow with continuity.  Fractals work differently as a function of scale (size).
   Symmetry is a construct where groups align with similar structures, so as to increase the efficiency of all related groups by using a proper economy of scale.  The application of chemical group theory to the development of social groups can provide insight into achieving 'proper' function - producing a stable, harmonious set of working and living conditions.
   To do, you must just do.  Develop an idea of who you are and what you wish to be and develop the role.  Life provides many role models, then forces us to step beyond the role model through the levers of change and growth.  In Doc's new game, players start by developing avatars with attributes that reflect the mission of the player.  After the avatar has been constructed and 'trained', the person role-plays his avatar to learn the mechanism of the game.  The initial game will be developing agricultural communities and larger groups (new institutions) will emerge on a fractal scale when they need to come into play.  Events will define the 'work effort'.
   The role of bard is terribly important - technical writing and data mining will be important tools in learning from what is being done in the present.  Good science requires enough iterations of the event to be able to predict the emergent behavior and allocate resources to development.  We need to re-invent relationships between people, with items like justice not being usurped by redefining corporations as people without social responsibility to the real human species.  The sense of fairness no longer exists when banksters print the money and give it to themselves first.
   Doc will step into any role to help develop the role to the level that it needs to be to play the game well.  The game overlays the Fibonacci series onto crop growth and senses nature in nature's terms.  Mathematics is a separate distinct overlay that does not need to be used, as long as we have consistency of measurement in another form.  All we need then is transit.
   A routine doubling function can be used to map the span and scale of the development - it means that the different systems will remain different and nothing crosses directly through from one set to the other without transformation.  Laplace and Fourier transformations have been used by science to translate raw data to an interpretive form - the task of translating chemistry into sociology can provide a new model for life - welcome to the game.
   Namaste'    doc

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