November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving: Group Theory

   Doc has been traveling and working on group theory.  His form for the eight member working group is stable - it involves one producer, one director, three 'stars' and three support persons.  The shining star generates the bulk material, the rest of the group resonates and revolves and makes the form flow.  One key will be translation - moving from the plain where the concept is developed to other symmetric plains based upon valid observation and measurement.
   Probability and statistics are the bastard children of mathematics departments everywhere.  Allow me to relieve them of responsibility and accept Prob & Stat as a tool of all trades - a simple way of using numbers and ratios to evaluate process.  The simple ratios form comparitors - numerical markers that signal a change of fractal form.  This allows us amplification of the subtle into the visible.  It would be equivalent to using a jeweler's loupe to expand your vision of a crystal lattice.
   The new game generates the forms, the forms serve as a wave guide to the game.  Just like Bob Marshall's work with Buckminster Fuller - each group works on a task and achieves a value that can be compared to an average - mean, median or mode - to tell a relationship.  Only after n>30 will there be enough meaningful iterations to develop a basis set of expectations.
   The eight players on a team have a domain that fits a quarter chess board - one of four groups in a grid of 64.  These groups are related as a family, but independent in action to form a single entity in the next larger fractal sphere.  If the group can generate $40K in three months, then the ration of support is 40/13 = 3.08 - a ratio very close to pi.  At this level of play, the numbers fit sacred geometry and not the mathematics of current science.  They also support a person for their nut at 20 hours per work week - enough time to do other things besides work.
   Doc's agriculture league will be formatted to develop the metrix of food growth measurement in real time over a whole growing season in many locations.  By collating proper data, following established protocols and logging differences in journals and lab notebooks, gardens and fields of crops will confirm or deny what we think we already know about the applied field of agronomy.  When we look at dissimilar approaches within the same framework, we can tease new information from the lattice that might lead to predicting emergent behavior.  The guidance of the Marshall numerology should reveal which current truths are true and which are legends or myths.
   Life plays funny, but at least it plays.  This game is designed to deemphasize the rigidity of mathematics while developing new, real concepts in each of 16 game forms. Ambitious, but here and there are not materially different, it is just the weigh of looking at the task.  Question all knowledge in every field with the best people available and mebbe, just mebbe, we can get there, without coming from the current flux here, a broken economic and political system that no longer serves 'We, the people'.
   Happy Thanksgiving to all in the states and happy Thursday to everyone else.  The countdown to the end of the whirled is under a month - big party on the 22nd of December, be there wherever you are.  Then we begin, one fractal at a time, emerging as the first fresh daisy on a field of green.  Share the love.
   Namaste'   doc

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