April 09, 2014

Purple Blues

Tension builds up to where
Ya gotta let go of the steam
Else if burst forth in flow
Directed at someone else
Mediate the anger - let it go

Illusion is what others believe
What we know is our truth
Sometimes, perspective colludes
To make things seem to be
That which things are not

Pressure comes from internal source
Attempting to hold true past context
Without having proper information
On what has come to be obvious
When glancing from another scale

Buffeted by waves of all frequencies
Ground is beneath layers of junk
Embedded in the minds of sponges
Never released from the fiction
Rah Rah Sys Boom Bah - Hoopla

Control of the stage is open
The vacuum of leadership need not be
Local thinkers invent new weighs
By trying things that can work
As a function of love and diligence

lemme howdt   (cc 2014)

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