April 19, 2014

A Morning on the Weigh with Annie

Moods are interesting thought patterns that cycle themselves into a feeling that brings our internal climate to the surface.  To set a mood involves having a sequence of events push in a vector - a directional force of measurable magnitude.  I like to choose a music piece and flow off of it - Eurythymic's Sweet Dreams is on now.  I'll now move to Medusa - a fab album from Annie Lennox - she does some really good cover on this.  Soft, sweet, female ...

It seems like a good time to bring love sounding into the picture.  The spin of the times can be likened to the movement of sand in an hour glass as the time approached. Fewer and fewer grains remain as they tumble toward the crimp; eventually the last piece falls.  Then somebody turns the timer over and we begin the process again.

What is it like being the first grain of sand dropped onto a clean plate?  How close does the next grain of sand have to be for you to notice it?  What if the crimp were made more complex and every grain of sand landed in isolation until a critical mass was reached?  Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale - Annie's cover - yum!  As long as we have something to set the stage, we can always keep ourselves entertained.

The music tells a story from an individual fractal perspective.  To see how behavior emerges as a function of scale in the size of a group, we have to set an algorithm for measurement and look at a rate that will indicate change over time.  We need a proxy for time to remove it from our rate equation - and to use time independent variables.

Here is where music can work- any given artist version of the same song has a slightly different beat -a rhythm and a flow.  Annie's Don't Let it Bring you Down runs different from Neil Young's original. Yet we can synchronize our actions to the rhythm and beat of the song and know that the time coordinate is fixed in the version.  After we all gather our karaoke skills - having certain songs that the group sings together will establish the beat harmony and pace for the collective action of the group as one.

Unity is growing.  A new person asked what was the point of the group and my answer was to learn to create personal interactive media.  Our group is an informal information exchange on a worldwide basis.  There are several key nodes of operation in Europe and the American continents - India is represented, and Australia.  There was a much larger group that held a different critical mass that exploded into fragments back toward the winter solstice - this portion of space-time has held its own through early functional development.

The yellow star game was setup to track unity growth - the gifting of the stars is a bottleneck arrangement just like the sands of the hourglass, as are the days of our lives.  Love and trust and commodities that we share freely - conflict is written away.  It snowballs behind the scenes if allowed to fester - so we check, no worries.  The vehicle is new, and raw, and sometimes dysfunctional.  The games our 'puters play.

Thin Line - Annie : i wonder, if paying attention to the individual is the real meal deal here.  We feel appreciated when greeted with love and encouraged to be part of something bigger than the individual I AM.  When we all share, we have so many world perspectives.  It also helps to see through different eyes.  Some videos are blacked out in different places.  Having access to information from secondary sources fills a real need.

When the group size in the room crosses a fibonacci number, it changes the flavor of the room contents.  The powers of eight and thirteen unified beings simultaneously in peaceful agreement to reset the world operating system feels awesome.  Those resonances are reset to one on a new fractal that sets forth - the variance holds until the group size crosses another threshold downward.  The idea of resetting the table with small numbers that represent the form of the bigger numbers allows the math to remain simple, while the magnitude grows in complexity.

Growth works in spurts. There are energy barriers that require an accumulation of force to cross the doorstep.  Once the mass is achieved, then reset of the calibration shifts the level of the floor. Each floor has the same pattern - the electron hotel.  Room service is based on love flowing and love sounding and love loving.  All the fractals can be, without having to worry that the group has dissolved - it always begins at one with you and at two with me. No matter who you are - you can be one when only you are there.

The initial burst sets the limit that enables the next fractal growth.  The growth can be greater or lesser than the previous growth or it can be the same.  The growth period is determined by measuring the differences in growth over a length of time - then setting that period and walking away to not measure until the set has played.  Use set here in a tennis sense. There is constant play from different fractals at different rates.   Patience is a virtue and the observer may not remain attached to the outcome.

The hour is up, Annie has played and this day has brought me to an empty coffee cup.  Enjoy !!

Namaste' ...  doc

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