April 30, 2014

Familiar Friends

Developing a manuscript has to be one of the most daunting individual challenges that professional thinkers undertake.   The physicist Richard Feynman used to write his books by having his graduate students take notes verbatim during undergraduate lectures and then publishing those notes.   Doc has been editing other peoples works and is ruminating deeply on finally putting a text together, in the area of water.  Many of the posts at this blog written last fall will  serve as the underpinnings of the endeavor.  I'll get by with a little help from my friends.

We all have many friends in many places.  My light-worker family is supportive in many weighs.  My earth family of extended contacts covers the planet - we serve as an interpersonal interactive inter-Gaian information stream.  (four eyes - lol) The real press is ourselves, when we observe carefully and retell the story from our distinct perspectives.  You know what is you; and we, together, need all aspects of each of ourselves.   We first start to walk the path alone - to develop our own basis for being.  Along the weigh, we pick up new friends.

Shamanism is a spiritual path that can only be walked by a selected few.   It requires a familiar, an extra animatom that interacts between the spirit world and the physical reality.   Usually, a familiar is a pet, an animal that has distinct characteristics that one admires.   A black Cheshire cat always smiles with me ...

     These two are not the same kitty;  they seemed to be in league with each other, to take care of me during times when i was distracted with other phases of depth in three dimensional affairs.   Black cats have a zen relationship with the world - not often photogenic, they create an aura that distinctly feels like more is there than there appears.  I believe that I was passed along between these two and that all black cats keep in constant thought communication with each other.   They know the story and adopt humans in times of stress.  They work both as a team and as individuals - the Black Kat Network serves as an awesome model system for the type of emergent behavior that we, humans, will need in the near future.

    Purr therapy is the best conditioning for humans when adrift alone.  Cats don't speak human;  they emote love on humans and can sense completely every word we say and every action that we take.  They generally adopt a single human, but can be 'loaned out' to souls that speak cat directly.  I find that many cats get offended when a human attempts to speak cat to them.  Others, especially young cats, are amazed and become overly affectionate to find a human communicating on their wavelength.  It is a practiced skill, to become appreciated universally by another species.  All shaman learn that skill, although not necessarily with cats.

    Cats experience roughly 10 days for each of our human days.  Their attention span is used to a changing length of day, such that a feline night-time prowl is quite different from a human sleep walk.   Cats have a routine and will let you know exactly what they think, in no uncertain terms, when you piss them off.  Yet, a purr will always tell you that you still are accepted.  A chuff is even better - but they generally only chuff when talking to birds.  

    How the animal kingdom passes information between species is a worthwhile endeavor for study.  Most animals can sense sound vibration and read emotion into the tone.   They respond to emotion and feeling, more so, the tone of voice rather than the actual word content.  Cats and dogs live together rather well, once the parameters are established between the individuals.  One-on-one deep eye contact is a source of bonding - the development of trust, through the emotions of love.  Love is bonding energy.  

     We understand that love is the only acceptable form for the answer to every question.  No matter how difficult the situation, a suggestion offered with love from the heart will be listened to and responded to better than a knee-jerk reaction.  Watch your pet respond to an unfamiliar circumstance and you can see a reflection of yourself, in the fractal mirror.  Now give your pet a treat and some attention.   Consider it a personal investment in developing your own four eyes network.

   Namaste' ...  doc, yage and biter

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