April 24, 2014

Telling Seems from Is

What is the difference between seems and is?  The way things seem is based on context to the grand illusion, while the weigh things are is a measured absolute.  The jar is made of glass is a cut and dried statement of fact - the glass is silicon dioxide - the chemical properties of glass are known.  That the glass is a liquid and flows slowly downward due to gravity may not be as well known a fact, yet it is a fact none-the-less.  Take a calipers and measure the top and bottom of a window pane sometime to confirm this fact.

In fact, one should always confirm facts. With the wealth of resources at the click of a mouse, there is no good reason not to look up the details.  Well maybe, one - most of what you read on the net is seems and not is.  You can find whatever information that you want to support any opinion that you have.  Look for consistency.

Sources need to be cross checked - when the info all originates at the same place, it is likely bad info.  There are many people willing to share bad info.  The quality of the information generated depends on the quality of the materials used in the process.  When the sequence of information is stacked against itself, it has to make logical sense in the proper order.

Doc left the process grinder in 2007, then again in 2012. The fractal length of contraction should take us through the epicenter of the hour glass as one alone and land us in the field of rebuilding from scratch, one at a time, at different rates.  Being comfortable in your own skin is a matter of having a basis set to fall back upon that sets boundaries between seems and is.

Validate your own assumptions at every opportunity and always look for contrasts.  A contrast occurs when something thrives when out of place in a dead scenario, or dies when in place in a live scenario.  We tend to like absolutes, but life is variable.  There is a probability involved and the same result is not always derived from similar situations.  The more iterations of the scenario - the greater the odds set into the law of averages.

There are three basic averages that i look at - the mean, the median and the mode.  The mean is the standard average - add up all the numbers and divide by the total count.  The median is the middle number in the set - string the numbers by rank, divide in half and take the number at the center of the grid.  The mode is the most frequent number in the score set.  If 9 people score 10 and one person scores 100 - the mean is 19, the median and mode are both 10.  When grading tests in chemistry class - these indicators allow me to assign proper grades to different scores, and to remove outliers.

The removal of outliers is one of the largest bugaboos in modern science.  All scientists ought to be clearly trained in probability and statistics and all data tested for confidence level, accuracy and precision.  The protocols demand this.  Yet the popular reporting of science information does not cover the process - it cherry picks results for the attraction of an audience.  The believe of seems makes more money for corporations than the actuality of is.  The entire system is a stack of cards built on a myth that seems is more important than is.  Or so it seems.

I am watching the implosion of a system that is doomed to fail,  and feeling great joy at seeing the end of some pretty bad things.  That the illusion is dissolving is a good thing - the fear and panic caused by the resistance to change is artificial and driven by a mindset that never have had control of themselves, and they are in full panic.  The hallowed institutions are hollow and we, the people, realize that we are sovereign to ourselves and need not kowtow to our current myth of governance.  Time has come to see is for is and dissolve all the peksy seems.

We need to be real and deal with true, while watching the myth dissolve and starting to rebuild based on different premises.  The reset of the financial order, the establishment of an equitable system of exchange and the leveling of playing fields are all necessary.  Self - governance, without institutional advantage built through the leverage of corruption over time, is required.  A legal system in common words with simple concepts that everyone can grok would be a major benefit.  Let's create a rainbow courtroom,  where all aspects of information are investigated, in our search for truth and quest for peace.

Namaste' ... doc

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