April 16, 2014

Pi with Tea

The answers are all inside of ourselves.  As above, so below.  In context, the portals that are opening are throughways between harmonic dimensions.  When we look at where we are in perspective to the larger and smaller spheres of fractal interaction - we find that there is no escape from the muddle in the middle.  Scale takes a different form to flow love into being;  the bonds of attraction that hold us together are knitted from the electricity of love that resonates similar illusions together to provide us this common reality.

The eclipse serves as a mixing module model - a chamber that gathers frequencies from all scales and shuffles them up into a deck to be dealt anew to the players.  The tarot and the I-Ching each have their divinity enrapt by mystical illusion - the sacredness of space provides support for the substance that is extracted from the depth of riddle.  No blame.

Let's go deeper.  Start at any size sphere that you wish to imagine and illustrate a process in that dimension.  For instance, to make my morning tea, i went through several consistent steps that together leave me with the Brownian Motion of tea leaves in hot water as alkaloids are extracted into billions of individual water molecules to supply a tasty beverage on demand.  Acquisition of the tea from the store had to precede the process, else no tea would be here to be made.

What if we had to grow our own tea?  It would require a bit more planning, a different type of acquisition from a nursery, rather than a grocery.  We would have to look at the seasonal climate of this region and find a tea plant that was hearty and productive.  Many teas are blended with various herbs that grow around, like camomile and dandelion, which could be cultivated.   Plants have a secret life of their own according to Peter Thompkins - imagine yourself as a human being restricted, as a plant is, to a single location planted for the current lifetime.

Now take the organizational scale for growing tea to provide for all the tea drinkers in your local community.   Do we all grow out tea together in one place, or do we each have our separate tea plants interspersed in our garden?   Do we have access to several varieties of tea?  How long does it take a new tea plant to establish?  Can it be done from clippings or is tea grown from seed?  Is Bergamot available for those who like Earl and Lady Grey teas?  Is there enough caffeine in your tea?  Is there too much caffeine in your tea?  IS THERE?

Coffee doesn't grow in the local climate.  In the way back when chicory was used as a coffee substitute.  Tea drinkers and coffee drinkers are different cultural beasts - my guess is that the value of commodities that can not be grown local will be a function of the distance that the materials have to travel to get to your community.   Having material stashed for the long emergency is quite different than having to create it from scratch.  At one time, ten to twenty pounds of coffee were always on hand.  No longer ...  there is abundance in the world, not lack.

If we grow good tea, we can always trade tea for coffee.  Look how in depth just morning beverage can become and think about how many other things in life we take for granted as always gonna be there.  The things is - it is all gonna change.  The question is at what pace.  Time - time is an illusion, yet it governs our concept of rate.  per second - per hour - per annum - per millenia - forever...   

The rate of change depends on where we set the fractal of one.  To set the fractal of one is a function of quantum reality.  Every different scale has its absolute value of one.  In the Fibonacci sequence of the golden mean ratio - there are two ones.  This sets two scales simultaneously - as the limits of that fractal reality.  If the reality moves out over the limit, then one of the two ones has to be reset to one to define a new fractal within that reality.

This all flows harmonically within nature, without us having to do anything.  Large and small are relative to each other, on all scales.  However, when you deal with the fractal reality of very small numbers - the ratios are much more significant than when you get to larger number.  When you reset a scale to one to become a new fractal, it shifts the magnitude of the adjacent scales relative to the one that you are working on.

Fractal levels are isolated from each other by pi.   There is a net video - Powers of Ten - that uses a fractal of one tenth - this is a mathematical overlay on a natural system.  The concept still holds, but the model can never be as complex as the actual system, else it could not serve as a model.   We have a top/bottom contrast that doesn't resonate like a left/right contrast.  Yet dualities are all yin/yang in nature and revealing of the underlying symmetry that governs.

So my cup of tea is done and the point is - in order to reset the configuration, we have many different forms of tea to cultivate.  Tea is a drink with jam and bread and it brings us back to doe, a dear, a female deer.  Harmony within the spheres based on the music of love.

Namaste' ...  lemme and doc

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