April 22, 2014

Thyme on Time

  If ... a year is defined as the period that it takes for Gaia to complete one precess around Sol and a day is defined as the period that it takes the moon to precess around Gaia, then ... we have a correlation of time with the realm of the physical.  The seasons of the year repeat climatically over the years, such that spring is always growing season, though the length may vary.  Solstice and equinox also provide markers as our perception of long term time is seemingly accurate.

  When we get to the overlays called calendars and clocks, we set deeper references to our perception of how time passes.   When we walk away from the overlay, the natural time takes over and we still go through our patterns of sleep, eat, entertain, eat and sleep - sometimes substituting work for entertainment.  Hopefully, our work motivates us and keeps us entertained, but work is a different topic from time.

  As we age, we perceive time differently as a function of our size and our surroundings.  We get conditioned to follow bells and buzzers - to treat time as block segments for our attention span.  I remember growing up in front of a television - the dash for a meal during the three minutes of commercials.  Morning cartoons on saturday and davy and goliath on sunday - slow talking dog.  After a while, the input fades into the background, then gradually fades away.  My last tv was owned in 1993.

  Watching is not a passive activity .  To observe properly takes time - collected over the course of years as practice.  For the first thousand hours that you spend watching and learning about something, you are in continual awe at the diversity of knowledge within the topic.  As a child, it comes so fast, simultaneously, that you don't even notice it.  Once you start to truly study, time evaporates.

  Humans age at different rates and we used annual birthdays as a marker of age.  Some people have wisdom beyond their years; others have a mental capacity slightly greater than a doorknob.  Each of us has a story, a personal history, that we find worth sharing with people we value.  The time we spend with family and friends adds up cumulatively to form our experience.  These are the values that we bring to the table.

  History has many useful lessons, told in the tales of the people.  Movies, television and music videos have absorbed the role of story telling and placed it into a neat tangible box.  You get told a story, it doesn't interact with you personally - just another perspective to take into your space.  In a fixed time block, to condition you.  No rounding - must follow the schedule and follow the process.   And still the commercials flow .. buy ... buy ... buy ... bye ... bye.

  We, the collective group in the unity of one love, have a lot to learn to create the space of love that we wish to live within.  The endeavor to learn about each other first, and then the things of common interest will take a different form as the size of the group grows.  The metric measurements change as a function of scale - the periods of time that we choose to overlay are not the periods of time that it takes for emergent growth.  The timing is always longer than we hope, but shorter than eventually as we add it up cumulatively,  Slowly over time, we will listen to our stories.

   My instinct says put in time now in deep thought as a group of one - develop a comfort zone with yourself that allows you to go to the places you like to be for solace and meditation.  Invest a few hours of deep quiet to think about what things you like and how they come to be when you feel grounded and in comfortable space.  Build your comfort zone.  Look at your body of knowledge and evaluate how sound it is - what you built the foundation upon - how you set your flow of thought.  Are you logical or emotional or both?

  After you engage other people, notice how much time you spent and the value that you exchanged.  Measure value in any form that you wish, just be consistent in form and function, so that there is a relative scale of value based on some absolute.  What are those absolutes?  

  Depends on who you are.  I know what motivates me - it is not what motivates you.  Once we collect and exchange information amongst enough people in unity - then i will begin to evaluate the information in secondary form.  For now - i just enjoy listening to the music and discussing the metaphysical truths of the current reality, cause too many physical truths remain to be revealed.

  Namaste' ...  doc

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