April 13, 2014

My Foot Hurts

Pain is your body's weigh of keeping you connected to yourself.  When you compensate for one pain, you end up causing more pain.  Sometimes the body wishes to take time off from the pain - it generates endorphins and you go floating on the wave of pain.  Carly had it right.

Pain comes in many forms.  Physical pain due to injury is no fun;  the body needs time to make the repairs.  Biochemistry is a fascinating mechanism that takes into account many processes of life.  Pain is just one of them.  Working through the pain builds character.   Don't allow pain to stop a valid process.  

I feel better today having conquered the pain.  There will be more, there always is.  Thankfully, pain is balanced by joy.  In the long run ...

Namaste' ...  doc

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