April 03, 2014

The Weigh It Is

So much speaks toward the common assumption of professional competence in dealing with life's situations, that we are constantly being told that the solutions are coming from external sources.  The peeps who are idolized by the peeps are just everyday peeps like you or me.  The reason we all know about them is because they have made it part of their life to tell you their stories.  We all have stories to tell - not so many of us have access to listeners.

Very few peeps have a grip on what is happening in the world today.  We appear to be in a fractal reset - where something on a completely different scale is changing the nature of the game.  We are observing emergent behavior as part of an extinction curve that is set about by reaching the limited borders of Gaian metabolism.  Our earth is reconstituting itself, as the balance of oxidation and reduction has reached a tipping point.

There is an oort cloud that currently encompasses our galaxy has a higher background of hydrogen gas than our recent past.  This creates a higher combustion temperature for the sun, which is heating all six inner planets at similar increasing heat rates, dropping off as expected as a function of distance.  This appears to be a cyclical phenomena - astrophysicists can talk to the topic much better than this chemist; they seem to have a reasonable explanation that fits the observation.

To look for other parallels for this, via as above, so below, might give us enlightenment toward the actual physical mechanism of planetary respiration.  Gaia should breath in and out in a certain fixed period based upon the scale that her organs require.  When the holograph of the universe reflects self-similarity through symmetry, then the breaking of that symmetry is required for observation.  Otherwise - the negative and the positive would cancel each other out and we would be left with net zero.

This might be an explanation for why all our DNA is in a left-handed spiral.  The directionality of flow in the holograph is time forward - yet we have already recognized the discrepancy involved with the concept of time - it is a vector without a fixed direction.  Which really makes it a scalar, only we have befuddled the process by using time as always running in a forward direction.  No such criteria exists in physics.

Logic is based upon the use of reason, dispersed with a good grain of truth and some formerly common sense.   Today, when learning is a function of the schools keeping a myth enabled, nothing that is commonly believed can be held as truth without careful scrutiny.  Each of us has a basis set that we can refer to as context for the beliefs that we currently hold.  We tend to laugh at others who do not hold our beliefs, but we have to consider the fact that we indeed could have it all wrong.

Or we can have it right, and somebody else can have it a different right. Outcomes can be mutually exclusive, when they are not specifically linked to each other.  Probability suggests that the same set of structures can play out to a completely different ending as a function of allowable degrees of freedom.  Thus, two chess games are rarely identical, unless the moves form a sequence of a opening trap.  The more freedom, the less control.  When we live our lives, we are the only individuals who have control of our own time.

Now, what is time?  The passage of moments as reflected by the hands of a clock.  The tracking of patterns in sequence - as each season follows the next in a four play of change dictated by the relative position of the sun to our position coordinates on earth.  How does Gaia as a whole interpret a single day, when in context, both the moon and the sun are translating along with her at 74,000 mph?  Where does this number for our rate of flight come from?  The speed of light.

When we dissolve deeper into the particle vs wave anomaly, we find that the act of observation sets the field - the information is created to be reasonable in terms of our current belief system.  The cat is alive - feed and water it accordingly.  If it spent any time at all in a sealed box without proper loving care, the cat would not survive.  What did Schroedinger have against his cat, anyway?

Any weigh.  Measure.  The act of monitoring affects the system that you are measuring.  What you believe will always be the desired outcome for the experiment that you have designed.   You can prove any point that has a resolution - however,  just because you offer a valid proof, does not mean that it has to be.  Accept that illogic is not beyond belief.  

We are watching a paradigm change from ground zero.  How we set our belief system NOW is extremely important in creating the image of the place the world will be.   Each of us has the ability to create self-fulfilling prophecy and to create the space of things as we expect it to be.  We can reign on others parades, if we are not careful, and bring more drama into existence than there really has to be. 

Observe your personal weather - do you seem to always be living in a storm?  The eye of the hurricane is the calmest place around.  Create a zen for yourself to where you can conjure up this port in the storm at any time the wind blows strong and it allows a clarity of peace to perform your individual tasks.   The sun is shining, hills are rolling, all is going well for you and me ... so we can share together, time of life together, as best as best can be.

Namaste' ...  doc

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