April 06, 2014

Whim of Time

Odd.  Very odd.  Strange Magick.   There's something going on around here.  Step back and allow the wind to blow through the sails.  Come visit the Unity Chatroom tomorrow morning at 9:00 am PDT for Monday Morning Metaphysics.  Link is on the right.  It's about time.

My internal reflection tells me that time is a wave with reversible flow in all directions.  As a point source generates energy, the resonant frequency of the harmonic outpouring of wavelengths sets the stage for the interpretation of that event.  If at all times, it is now; then any time we are in would always necessarily be now to us in that time.  If now is not historically sequential, then everywhere on the timeline is now, simultaneously.  We can exist anywhere in time, past, present or future, only we happen to be here right now.  How many simultaneous nows are allowed?

Look at the treatment of time in the movie Groundhogs Day.  As time loops, Bill Murray takes advantage of all the tricks of being able to work people.  After a while, he just works himself and learns skills that make it easier to repeat the day, day after day, every day.  Note the accomplishment was spent by spending the same 24/7 over and over.  That accumulation over time is measured as experience, even if it is the same time again. Hence, taking piano lessons carries the skill back the next day.

Life is about experience.  I once held a theory that when we die, we are just removed from the lines of time where we no longer play a significant role.  This allows a person to disengage from all the activities that did not foster the accomplishment goal for that lifetime.  It sorta worked the way the Highlander series did - an immortal that doesn't age, pretends to die to periodically shift place and time, so as to continue another separate existence.  I am not certain that any of us ever really pass away - our essence changes form and recreates under a new set of circumstances.

Time is cyclic, with cycles buried in cycles over vast periods. Time is a function of scale.  A minute and month are congruent and parallel, at least by nature.  A second can take an eternity - only on human scale does the elapsed time equal a second.  Dogs and cats likely experience several seconds during the second that humans have, because of the size difference.  Some bugs live their entire lives in a single day.  We need a different form of time filter to sort some of this out.  A stitch in time saves nine.  Adopting a calendar in congruence with nature would help our dispositions immensely.

Time for Thyme to think about time.  If every decision launches a new time line on a different scale, in which the opposite decision has been made, then we would just keep generating new timelines and things would get confused in a hurry.  But if those timelines converged when the result proved trivial, then only new different lives would be worth changing times for.  This might happen to an individual once in a lifetime or mebbe several times.  I have had two vision quests that changed my life at that time.

I enjoyed the way Neal Stephenson dealt with time in his book Anathem. The scene where the dude walks up to the strange lock and just enters the right combination seemed amazing, until you think about how many times he missed, died and went thru it all again until he finally got the combination correct.  There is a good lesson in how the characters managed to be exactly where they needed to be, in the right place at the right time.  I wonder how many times it took to happen.

I do not have a solution for the end of this ramble.  Given time, we shall see what happens. We watch with baited breath, wondering when the change we know is happening will release us from this fear based illusion of Monsanity.  Mebbe tomorrow.  All in good time.

Namaste' ... doc

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