April 01, 2014

Coping Skills : Ground with Soft Music

Take a deep breath.  Exhale and release all your tensions.  Be at personal peace.  When we come back to our ground, we can simplify and sort and think through our current status.  Things are changing rapidly and we need to be settled into a system that feeds and nourishes us.  Today is Flow Loving - the mass has formed and we are learning to be, from a new beginning.

There are many things that need to be done;  it is not yet time to start the major undertaking.  The accounting system is ready, what needs to be counted has not been determined.  The form may come out different for the next iteration - for now, we can trust our own kind.  Being able to identify that form of person is work - one must know what makes one tick.

Belief systems need to be grounded to sometime.  The ground serves as the baseline, the set of items that we feel we know we can count upon.  People have changed faces nearly completely after three fractals of a single existence.  The time period for each fractal is a function of scale - the larger the scale, the greater the time it takes.  Scale is only one factor of many interweaving threads.

If we take each individual yin/yang pair as a potential issue perspective, then we can start easing duality back into a unity nature.   The top pairs with the bottom, different from the up and down.  You can see how many changes have the potential to be charmed or strange.  No simple yes or no answers allowed. 

There is a dichotomy between peeps and humans.  The spinning grid has two outcome designs and belief system is the discriminatory factor.  You will get the result that you believe you will get.  You can only act upon yourself and make your own choices, the results that you get will be contingent upon your outlook.  Try to imagine that what is real is simply a dream scape.  The patterns are generated internally and reflect your inner turmoil - weather is eye of the storm to those in the permanent love stream.

Just believe in yourself and do what you have to do.

Namaste' ...  doc

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