April 23, 2014

Consistency within Change

In order to fabricate a universal construct, one must take the time to work out the details of self-consistency amongst the intricate mechanisms that pervade the thought form.   Things that do not matter in the early development, reappear later in a context where they are out of sequence with the rhythm and flow developed.  Disharmony is created in the form, so the system accommodates with a novel mechanism to enable itself to work, though not at peak potential.

Sometimes a lateral shift is involved.  The cost of physically moving an operation to a different location would be a factor in the initial decision to get started on the process.  Factors of scale change with growth, so space might be a luxury today, while at a premium tomorrow.  The project length depends on many factors and starting prematurely can add to the work load without affecting the final results.  You do what you have to do, and have contingencies that allow changes of venue as a potential outcome of the process.

So, I AM here as a result of things that placed me where i need to be at the crucial time for me to be here.  As a sovereign in a whirled where rulers have God complexes, begs the question of what this existence is in the first place.  We are all here now to be part of the change that we are witnessing, on a grand scale.  Since as above, so below;  these changes manifest in ways that we either believe or ignore.  Our choice is what enables our perception. 

I watched a documentary on life in the universe this morning.  The entire video missed most of life in the universe while speculating on SETI - the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence finding life on this scale, in the vast cosmos.  It sounded scientific to the uninformed - j4 and lemme rotfl'd their way through while picking apart the narrative.  How can peeps believe such nonsense?

We believe the weigh we were conditioned to think.  You have to discriminate between better choices and most people do not hold a requirement for self-consistency in their thought.  My greatest challenges come when i learn some new fact based truths and then have to integrate them into my current belief structure.  I often have to toss old outmoded beliefs.  When this runs across science lines, i become very careful and often return to one question - does the chemistry make sense?.

In nature, functions of scale are rarely linear.  You just don't see fine lines and sharp corners in form.  We have curves and odd angles - chemistry has a valence shell electron pair repulsion theory that explains how the geometry takes form on a molecular and atomic basis.  That inter-atomic bonding takes place on a base eight system with love energy exuding to make up the slight difference in stability of atoms vs molecules: but is denied by conventional science - because the word love cannot be recognized within the scientific vocabulary.

Yet ask any woman to tell you about love and she will have an endless stream of feelings released depending on the context of the conversation.  The direct parallel between the life of a human and the life of a water molecule is obvious to me just a factor of fractal scale.   The challenge is to think outside the enveloping fractal and use both integration and differentiation to test the knowledge in the thought form, over many fractal scales.  

Emergent behavior flows in both directions - complexity reigns with larger size - simplicity reigns with smaller size.  This is based on spacial considerations - the more atoms to accommodate - the simpler the task must become to encompass the all.  Each one has a role in the whole one - so one is not the only one.   We can reset the group of atoms to a single whole number one molecule, where the rule of reset contains a stable group of atoms.  The symmetry is define through matrix algebra in the form of tabular irreversible representations.

Only stable structures may be reset to one.  When that new one is achieved on a different fractal scale, then it becomes stable for as long as its function is necessary.  It can grow, shrink, or remain in fractal order.  The time period for this is a function of the size of the group.  Each one is always one and a self cannot unexist once it exists, until it ends.  When you die, it ends (as far as we know - we may actually never die).

Such is life - always changing.  Namaste' ... doc

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