April 08, 2014

How to do without Time

How can we measure rate without a reference to time?  Time has become embedded into the landscape as an agent of control - it has little real value, other than to synchronize operations, which can be done through music.  The key is to have a unit that remains the same - a constant reference to measure against.  The time basis of texture is such that what we believe will remain is still here.  My hypothesis is that the same unit measure called a second can have vastly different time coordinates depending upon the scale of the observer.

Smaller than human peeps will have more time within a measured second than humans do.  Bugs are roughly three orders of magnitude smaller than humans and some have an entire life span of several days.  If those bugs age from say teen-age thru adult to geriatric (provided they don't become food for another individual), then we can compare the week of a bug's life to our average 75 year span.   Think about even smaller critters and their time constant.

To change the perception of time, one should stop using money.  This is made conveniently impossible in modern amerika, so most people remain a slave to the corporate clock and calendar.  The idea that things are scheduled to start exactly upon the hour is a routine tradition - nothing really ever gets started on time.  Time is an elaborate fiction.

What needs to be done to change has no time coordinate.  Just start changing.  It is hard, but as you work at it, you find the minutes roll by and you are entirely oblivious to them.  Focus of attention will allow you to become so entrenched in your minutiae that time just passes you by.  Either hours seem like minutes or minutes seem like hours, because you are in a different place altogether.  Doing change requires accumulating action over time.

The main thing that keeps us in this time frame is the need to schedule action.  If we want to ensure that we can work at the scale that we need to work on, then we have to allow people to arrange their time.  If I give a time for when the show will go on, then people will show up at that time and expect the show.  Quite often, we get bait and switch - something else happens at set time and we have to wait for the desired action.

To have units of non-time,  we must have something to substitute in for time that holds that place.  This is where i believe that music could become a time proxy.  When we listen to an artist perform a song on recorded media, the song flows in a consistent manner that we all come to learn.  The mechanism of learning is to have enough iterations played that we know the song by heart.  Then sequence of action can be set to period by specific song.

They did this in the movie Hudson Hawk.  A museum heist was set to tune and the simultaneous actions were taken to beat the electronic protection timing systems.  Such a system could be set to use harmony and beat in a whole different type of action forum.  

To enable a working community outside of time would be a fine scientific experiment.  Remove all clocks and we still would get time to play with as day and night.  So time would be there,  just not called time nor used as a driver for any condition. 

Of course, anything sequential can be used as a proxy for time.  Even without measurement, a human pregnancy will take 9 months - the day count may differ, but the process will not change.  What will change is our weigh of observing the things that we do, it will change significantly.  

Realize that whoever controls your time owns you.  As a sovereign, it is incumbent that you own you, as i own me.  Ownership is another in depth essay for another spacial coordinate.

Namaste' ... doc

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