April 04, 2014

The Weigh It Can Be

The holographic projection of the current reality is a coincident phenomenon.  That each of us can project into the same basis set implies that we each are already connected uniquely in our own way.  The amount of perception specific to our individual cellve allows us to give and take from the fabric of the universe in our own succinct manner.

As the former illusion wanes, the context of continuity is going unravel for those that believe on that particular timeline.  There will be a split between several timelines - there may even be a sense of going back in time for some of us.  The weigh that we are going to operate will be manufactured by the environment that we create to live.  Our purpose for the weigh is to take the space where we are and shape it into the form that we wish it to be.

To be is to be as I am.  If each of us is as 'I am', then we have many tinted perspectives that illuminate the darkness in separate manners.  Think about the hue that you reflect as a hue-man being.  Doc is in the green zone, while lemme is most definitely St. Germaine purple.  Hari' is white light - the combination of all resonances available.  The inner child is bluish-violet, while the higher self is radiant yellow.

For this blog, color is part of the texture of thought.  The deeper thoughts come out in lighter shades, although dark colors are preferred for readability.  When i have time to edit, the essays roll forth in colors that impact the text.  The plan is to develop an interactive live video stream that takes issue with the issues via color and brings participation into the entertainment lattice.

One of the issues that i have concern with is the distribution of wealth.  After listening to many conversations on NESARA and other schemes like OPPT;  i have still not been able to grok where they/we are planning to get to yet.  There is absolutely no weigh that any portion of the current status quo can be inherited by the new system.

There are some game breakers, that i as a sovereign can not accept.  Nothing can be based on written legalese.  Full transparency at every step of scale is required with simple rules that all can follow.  No rewarding past behaviors by allowing any spoils to be brought forward.  Equity is required, but not equality - there must be some merit involved.

I would disassemble the entire banking and legal system structures, including governance, insurance, investment and every other fiscal game.  Cost accounting can be used as a simple basis for pricing - the process that the organization goes through to acquire, assemble and package a product for transfer should determine the price.  There is enough abundance to go around, to where nobody should need to buy basic life supports.  Chemistry could readily absorb this accounting function, since it already accounts for all atoms in each balanced equation that describes a reaction.

Let's take stock of all assets and liabilities, then assign responsibility to the endeavor that most relates.  To have a different system requires different assumptions and must accommodate everybody, although with the allowance of opting out for something else, if available.  The core should organize from the ground level and be built up; as opposed to assuming the 'collapse' scenario, which is falling apart on its own right now.  The Mondragon model is a reasonable place to begin.

We are still in the watch period.  Build your personal skill set with an eye toward having a unique service to offer.  As you teach your work, you will learn deeper about it.  Apprentice yourself to somebody that has a skill set that you wish to acquire and be of service to them while learning their art.   The economics should work themselves out by total system replacement - after the transformation of enlightenment occurs.  Be ready for anything, be open to change, and be flexible enough to see the path, as it opens for you.

Namaste' ... doc

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