April 09, 2014

Group Theory VII : The Weight of 'me'

Leaps and bounds are often followed with a step back, to survey the new landscape and reevaluate the situation.   Our current logic has us treading water in a period of the fluidized timescape where great changes are coming through our senses.  The swirling miasma of what has been known from our historical underpinnings is a collectively garbled cognitive dissonance.

Each one of us is a valuable commodity in the old game - yet we find that the control mechanisms are broken and we have been sold into bondage to the capitalist system.   This system is corrupt, thus null and void. If you choose to accept it as the current playing field, then you must swim in the cesspools and get the filth of fear smeared upon you, for money to pay your way.  Outside the box is the cubicle, inside the box is the television.  All comfortably stacked to make action inconvenient.

That is the weigh that is not.  Here, you are a wave of light, resplendent in glory of yourself, I AM.  You may choose a frequency that is a colored hue, or become a collection of wavelengths that resonate together as pure white light.  Your aura is apparent to others, each of us sees through our own color filters and reflects the range of our depth of feeling.  To be in tune with the harmony of your own feelings is a good initial goal.

In the past, i have gone into depth on the treei calendar - today is my power loving day in the current cycle.   The force of the current quest is to become a part of a larger group of one, without losing the identity of the 'me' that I AM.  

A me is a set of social contingencies that we all learn to keep our personal alignment.  When you lose your me to a group, then you no longer have the sovereignty of an individual.  This is not acceptable moving forward.  If we can be of one at different fractal scale sets, then we will truly be addressing problems of greater scale than currently an individual can warrant.

To be part of a group, your me should be able to exchange your opinions, goods and services with the other members of the group without need for payments.  The entire economic basis of modern life is flawed by the desire to collect alone rather than share together.   We need to reorient our beings to see from each others point of view, to tell our stories to each other with sympathetic ear.  This will require a new sense of media - this is where Unity steps in.

Come listen to music, speak freely and vibrate at a higher frequency. Leave you fears at the door and just feel good in the vibratory harmonic of love.  Be I AM as you are - come at peace.  Learn how to play in a novel new media forum. 

Namaste' ...  doc

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