June 09, 2007

New Blog ItemTitle - from Monty Python

It all revolves about what revolves about. Three five seven nine eleven is stranded with two four six eight ten, and it goes the other way also. However, each time we cross the zero to negative one, we turn around. My guess is that when we turn the 16, then we also go to negative two and then do the spiral on the dark side. May the force be with you. Lemme Hin. Just another Abbott and Costello routine on the way to calling the Brewster Gillette razor off. See, anyone can create a post that looks like a spam e-mail - as long as you Spamalot with the Monte Python crowd. Good day!
Lemme Back Hin. in and out. Lemme Howdt. Bye. Just look into the fibronacci series. It can be explained by a sunni day with sunshine on the weigh// way. more spam e-mail. enough.

dr. lenny

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