July 10, 2007

Putting Up with BS

How come financial institutions get to unilaterally change the agreement for credit by sending a bulk notification by mail? Why can they call and interrupt us during dinner time to pitch some sort of useless product? How come when they make a mistake, like posting a check to the wrong account, we get to pay late fees and waste our time trying to get them to make things right? What would happen if nobody paid another cent on a Visa, Mastercard or Amex bill?

How come we don't get paid by them for our time that they waste when we are on hold, trying to get through to them to deal with the problems? Why is it that we have to keep track of accounts to the penny when the US wastes $12 billion dollars per month on war? Sorry - I wish to opt howdt. But - no can do - the money buggers have us buggered way up there. They bought their congressmen when congressmen were still cheap. Now - 430 of them are worried about sex blackmail photos - four of the other five are the perps of the mess and then there is Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul is awesome - but anyone who thinks he has a snowball's chance in hell to get anything done is fooling themselves. They may elect him to take the blame for the collapse that is set up and coming. The democrats don't have the balls to cut off the republicans, but if diebold doesn't give another election to the republicans, then they will just shut down everything. Paul is a republican that democrats can accept - whereas nobody else in the field would be even close to acceptable. Independents rule the roost - and will have the ultimate say this time - although this say is worthless and after the fact.

Let's face the facts - current trajectory is unsustainable - current political administration is unnaccountable to the people, current congress is ineffective and needs to eliminate and sunset a minimum of 75% of the laws. The Supreme Court justices are more famous than the Supremes (diana ross is still awesomely sexy) and judicial activism is normal behavior. Public servants think they rule the roost, however we do not live our lives at the whim of a government employee. The hierarchy needs to be inverted and the total collapse of the monetary system may just be the means to achieve real equity and real equality.

Glen Allport at STR seems to have the concept - love and freedom instead of coercion and greed. If we as a group can get it together to reevaluate the current information without the tons and tons of bullshit piled on top - then maybe we already have the answers to a lot of our current problems.

Disclaimer - i have no proof on the sex photos - just a little humorous conjecture and a ripe mind.

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