July 23, 2007

Cloud Games

cloud games
dive bomb the tree
that stands on sacred ground
and so the parties descend
cats watching overhead
dogs guarding the door
light and dark in
their own rights

from vantage point
of down in pool
a message rings clear
the find is found now
for purposes unbeknown
yet specifically now
reason underlies truth seekers
when built on faulty premise
redefine terms of engagement
plow forth as pirates
founding a place where folks
can merrily hang their hat

what tethers us to what is
is the need to believe something
the ridiculous fear of change
that we have to have
to feel secure in our places
to know a place is mine, not ours
so i can have my solace
when i need to be alone

too many people
wishing to share the same place
on their own terms
taking frantic steps
to control the gift of giving
from their vast collection
of useless important stuff
sequestered away from multi-use
by the vestiges of a failed now
and our tethers to the mine.

(c) 2007 lemme howdt


sometimes i wonders

while my mind wanders
whether i mean as much
to the folks that i touch
as they mean to me

(c) 2007 lemmi b hin

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