July 17, 2007

Time to Bail?

I guess that i am just a doubter. I doubt that anything they tell us anymore has even a grain of truth. Anyone with an official capacity is drooling at the prospect of being the next decider - Butler Shaffer at LRC has it well pegged with today's theme. So why should we re-up within the system rather than allow them to attempt to come after all of us. Is the current game of Whack-a-mole more scary than the future game of resource elimination? Just try to file for bankruptcy withhowdt using a lawyer and see if they allow you to play. They seem to invent rules on the fly - and the courts reinterpret existing law to allow that. We have no power - so let's start speaking truth to power and not playing their little games. And yes, they are little games - not big games.

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