July 14, 2007

State of this Whirled

Life is full of lots of twisty windy pathways that lead us in circles and return us to sites where we have been there and done that. Changes that occur infinitely through howdt the days, change the scope and complexion of the scenario, but the deja vu' effects are there. We have another opportunity to make a crucial life decision that we have made before and suffered the consequences. The world is different - can we make the same choices and do better with superior knowledge of the games? Or is it a set-up, where the lesson to be learned is being tested to see whether it was digested completely?

Looking at the world through rose colored glasses has been usurped by a pair of neon rainbow shades in 256 colors of the spectrum. Every individual wishes to do best for themselves and their family and friends. The excesses of the day to day life sphere have more than 200 million amerikans jonesing about other people's lifestyles, penalizing the folks who just work and don't pay attention to the social scene. They assume a static world and go do their jobs, living lives in oblivia because the world they built works for them. The power coupling of the political scheme has now invaded the lives of these people - and they have never before thought about how to cope withhowdt.

So this fine saturday morning following friday the thirteenth, one week after seven, seven, seven graced the world, i find myself home typing away on the blog, looking at a life that fell apart through deceit and dishonest relations between me and a former employer and some unexpected compound illnesses. The mojo came back last night through a series of discussions and explorations that uncovered old delusions. If today progresses to further, rolling with the punches could be interesting. Then again - we often see what we wish to see when illusions are built on prior illusions. Still - mojo doesn't generally manifest until time, place and form merge.

On another note - the initial issue of Mystic Voices Magazine is getting closer to form and should be ready for release soon. If you would like to place an ad - make note in the comments and we can discuss terms in a back channel alley somewhere behind a dozen firewalls with non-disclosure agreements in hand. oops wait. this is advertising, not business. donations would be gladly accepted and ad copy will pertain to people doing rather than talk about the latest greatest gizmo. Major media in today's world does not inform - they just tell us what they wish us to hear. Mystic Voices Magazine will attempt to speak truth to power, while establishing a forum for non-denominational religious discussion in the fields of science, history and mysticism.

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