July 15, 2007

dis eased

Quite amazing how insidious those computer viruses can be. I am blogging from a coffee shop on a lap-top, because my home computer has a spybot - which means windows xp takes about 15 minutes to load. Perhaps this is the excuse that i have been waiting for to wipe the hard drive and install ubuttu or some other form of linux. This laptop has vista - microsoft's bells and whistles apple clone. The operating system is frustrating - it cannot do the simple tasks that xp can do. It also has some very smart engineers - so smart because they renamed all the tried and true mouse commands so that we can go fish. I always wished for a secretary - now i need one badly. This is southern oregon - no income potential til we stop the local timber war. Just a matter of getting the hippies to stop pissing on the rednecks boots and the rednecks to stop pissing on the hippies birkenstokks.

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