July 24, 2007

Morning Surf

The morning surf has some interesting notes. The price of metal spiked a little bit ago - silver is up almost a dollar in thirteen since a month ago. The Ron Paul bandwagon is growing. I like Dr. Paul - i do not think that one player following the constitution while everyone else ignores it is the basis of a valid government. The declaration of independence, which preceded the constitution gives us the right to abolish the form of government when it fails to represent the people. How many of us are confused, angry and just feel beat up from trying to make the system pay for our sustenance.

Sometimes i believe that everybody lives 10% beyond their means, so debt is perpetual. Since the banks produce the money out of thin air, one might argue that we do not owe anything, because the contract is invalid. But then again, has anybody ever actually signed a contract to abide by the rules and laws of the political system? Didn't think so. The legal ramification should bollux everything up for quite awhile. Perhaps no contract is really valid, given the coercion of force and the unilateral changing of the terms involving debt. Who owes who? How many dollars go to bombs? Hmmmm. Nuf sed.

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