July 23, 2007

Mystic Voices - silent whispers

The thyme has come to be busy - so Dr. Lenny will be busy. There is no time left to prepare, all we can do now is react. However, the reaction should be to prepare for further engagement. All the sage advice available is like salad vegetables waiting to be chopped - it may be appropriate, but the volume of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If you can't get it all in the bowl, you have to leave some howdt.

Last week, frustration snuck back into life - i exorcised it by recognition. Keeping a simple pace is impossible when your job appears to be human ping-pong ball. Dr Lenny put too many hours of travel on the body and bodies wear down and get cranky when pushed beyond their limits. While a passive shell allows coping, most of the interaction runs off after capacity is reached. Burn howdt occurs with too many consecutive weeks of dealing with input on the higher levels of capacity. If Maslow's needs are not met, the house of cards pitches and yaws prior to the collapse. Hope you are ready - we are getting closer to the need for survival skills.

Decided that the images were real rather than reel. This means that the context for the magic is unsettled and there is much to investigate. Science requires focused attention - all other distractions must be shelved or placed by the wayside in order to concentrate on the dual tasks at hand - clean and proper data collection and independent honest data interpretation. There will be a need for people that can scribe - if you track events, stay posted for further details. Keep busy by blogging and reading the POV of other bloggers. These are your current community voices - the tangible must be reaffirmed before progressing.

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