July 02, 2012

Response to Liebowitz

When you finish your downshift and look up, you will find yourself at the place that i call the muddle in the middle.  we live in a quantum mechanical world and downshifting is a linear solution.  i didn't understand this either until i did the work to build Existence - which is a guiding path - a play-by-life game of downshifting.

Once i finished the theory, wrote the website and the book and got to the experiment of application, i realized that the surrounding humans were all pleased to look at what i had done and all accept credit for the little pieces that they helped to refine - but otherwise business as usual.  I needed to self-publish and play the game one against many.

After i downshifted, then i howdt shifted.  i learned that there is no way to get there from here, we need a new weigh.   we need a different game based on a new model.  the new model is quantum mechanics and i am currently working on falling up.  it is a different approach and i am creatively measuring the items i need to tell me whether it works or not.  You are invited to play. (If we measure performance like sports do, we have a working tool for a meritocracy already at hand)

To measure your score - go to the google analytics page of your blog - then go to stats.  enjoy yourself looking around - there are some interesting pictures.  Count the number of comments that you had this year from January to the end of June.  This is a number that i use to measure.  Also - where do your readers come from?  top five.

You can also give me the post counts - track them on a daily basis.  Use a table - today - yesterday - month - historical - add one for time - use the military clock and record.  I started measurement at the Zone in March - i have some very interesting analysis, which is going into my book, as opposed to coming out at the Zone.

wow - i didn't mean to use a lot of your space, but this is the new media Howdtside Da Baax - we have to cross promote the thinking people and their words.  JHK has the standard for reflectory participation right now, but that comes and goes depending on the relevance of what we have to say.

thanks for pleighing my weigh.  If my numbers are to be believed from the first runs, then the period for change will be an instant, not a long drawn out run.  But keep thinking about the manifestations of the run, and it becomes self-fulfilling prophesy.  We live in whatever whirled we choose to live - i like my world a lot right now.

namaste'   doc

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