July 24, 2012

My muse

   My friend, Peg, is a first class character, right from the pages of an psy-phi adventure novel.  Her blog, the Thalia Diaries, is a meta-physical adventure into the current consciousness - anyway the wind blows free.  It is linked in the cross-lynx - the places that i feel comfortable sending others to reinforce my belief system. 
   It's not like i try to think differently, it just happens that weigh.  The precepts that i understand are based on concepts developed during times when i had no ability to tether - i was looking for a needle in a haystack.  Instead, I found a pin with angels dancing upon it.  Lucky, me.
    So - dance with me - i want to be your partner can't you see, the music's calling and we are falling... so dance with me.   namaste'   doc

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