July 03, 2012

Imagination Trumps reality

   If you have yet to read Anathem by Neal Stephenson, you may now have a novel summer adventure at low cost.  There are currently eight responses to the conversation between Leibowitz and I at his blog and the topic of a mathic world is touched upon.  The manner of thinking about speelycaptors is a thought process that is entertaining - just another mythic world for people conversant in the language to get along.  Leads us to a What If? moment.
   Dream of the encounters that take place in the realms of historic fiction, science fiction and fantasy and start playing them in a mix and match set as a lifestyle.  Pretend that you could take bits and pieces from stories, movies and history and set up a framework to deal with an upcoming unknown event.  Then everybody could have their cast of characters solve the same problem with only the abilities that they have assembled.
   There would have to be some scaling features involved.  Pebbles and Bam-Bam may not be of too much use to Elroy Jetson, but you never know.  Add Kelly from Married with Children and give them Bugs Bunny's portable hole and a set of youthful friends (the Brady Bunch?) from other places connected by a Zelaszy Amber card transport deck and ...  .  Test drives can be accommodated in the star-trek holo-deck.  In the year 1491 AD.
   Or we could trudge to our mundane jobs and earn enough for Jack or Bud, while the drivers turn left only and the canned laugh track signals what to buy next  ...

namaste'   doc

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