February 02, 2015

Model Redial System - Start by Starting

Mass Sounding : Yellow Overtone Sun

Everything's all right yes, everything's fine. The whirled as we know it spins on a vertical axis, the left hand is at war with the right hand and everything in the middle is muddled and skewed. Nothing that makes cents makes sense. If you listen to the lame stream delusion, your boat can't float on a love based Gaia. We need to let it all go and begin again, in a sequence that mirrors the descending paradigm with ascension performance.

To experiment is to design weighs to learn. Research directed learning asks questions that require depth to find the answers. To grok something at a deeper level, we often have to cut through the myths of the present level of thinking. The ideas of being a common people are meant to keep us off kilter - the common bonds of society are shriveling up, because they no longer follow the chemical bonds the weigh nature uses them.

Dried mushrooms are pretty awesome - so if we get a bit shriveled, we can always rehydrate with structured water and improve our lot. It is thyme to be in nature again and learn the weighs of measurement direct from source. To begin a sovereign existence in a Mondragon model with a collective of Ringing Cedars. Using social permaculture to develop cottage industry based on support structures for entrepeneurial behavior is the current plan. To do this requires clarity, diligence and a willingness to forgo the benefits of the descending order. When chaos increases, it causes turbulence in the ranks and a strange attractor can really remove the excess energy and land us on the piece of land in peace.

Doc needs to go into depth - he has been buffeted upon the surface enough. The cosmic surfboard caught the wave and the higher vibrational frequency kicked in - as Jim Long always said, start by starting. I am excited to be working with Jim once again and stepping back into the past, to where i once belonged. I can work the fractals and reset the clocks - to before i was ever here in the main life, since we have all been here before.

We have the USLE scoring system and we have a land base. To have the individuals capable of seeing the weigh through is a bonus - i can step into any role and play the part to a tee. We all can become the lead actor in our own movie and assign the supporting cast to roles that they are comfortable playing as themselves, rather than acting. To build games to teach experiential learning will be one of the first lessons - to increment the value of the lesson requires more peeps in attendance - which can be done via some of the new internet technology that is flowing. 

Our own alternative media will keep performance statistics on ourselves - to accurately know what each of us is capable of doing. There is no success and no failure - we can deal with whatever comes our weigh with a smile on our face and love in our heat. I project starting from an open mike and ascending to troupe players and live skits. To create our own entertainment with embedded learning of new forms of flow is more natural for the rhythms of the day. Smoke-easys are coming. The morels are a month away, they wish to communicate on behalf of the fungi and i am pleased to become the ambassador.

I need a driver - a person who is validly licensed to port around peeps that have outside business. This is a listening and learning position for a post high school youth.  Living arrangements to be negotiated - apprenticing should include, room and board. Position is not formally open yet, but inquire within. 

How many domes do we need?  I want the aquaponics dome to work, but the last fractal didn't make it happen. We can use small home domes - i have to negotiate with Pacific Domes and set a realistic potential. I wonder if there is a business opportunity in training dome assemblers? There will be training opportunities of all sorts, as biochar becomes the answer to the pH problems in the middle of Middle creek. I seem to remember setting logs into the stream as buffers for fish against flow - why not use burnt trees for buffers to neutralize acid mine drainage? Comment due by Thursday.

The system has a weigh of holding things up. If we use our magickal abilities to provide the picture of expectation, then we can move diligently amidst the invisible haze and get our work done. The idea is to clean the creek for fish. The secondary value is to repair and repatriate the land - for Gaia. If we can exchange value for value, it can ease our hearts and our souls and generate revenue to pay for the upkeep of all those peeps involved in the process. This is how we start - by learning how to do the things that need to be done. We can ReDiLe the system, by teaching peeps what they want to learn, through Research Directed Learning.

Namaste' ... doc

music references 1 jesus christ superstar stageplay 2 get back beatles 3 deja vu CSNY

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