February 16, 2015

Don't Let it Bring you Down

The life that we have assumes your active participation. When we withdraw our consent from the common illusion, we weaken the forces that hold us in limbo. By negating undesired thoughts, we can clear our mental spheres to be capable of seeing things as they really are. To live in light and love is a choice, similar to living in the dark and fearing everything.

To withdraw, the simple method is to run away. The beings that we are trained in fight or flight, yet there is a neutral influence that also must be considered. We can play ourselves as actors in the role of what people expect us to be. Our awareness of going through the motions of expectation, while showing self-initiative to address the focus of our intention should allow us to work on development of new ways to deal with old issues.

The change has come, yet it has yet to manifest in real time. Our ability to see clearly is fogged by the programming. Nature dissipates illusions by observing different limits than space and time. The game is not at all what we think, it includes what we feel. If we base life on love, our vibration rises. Gaia resonates, catch the wave and be outside the sphere of influence of the prior fractal of life.

Namaste' ... lemme

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