November 29, 2007


Crisis of the moment
is the crisis of our lives
complicity with nature
proper grounded soul
headed into murky water
goal to set potable by spring
building toward summer
lessons from grasshoppers
ants, bees and the Beatles
Ghandi, Whitman and Thoreau
model systems self-enact
wish i knew what to do
whatever simplexity will follow
intuition sustains life - trust
universal great spirit which
abides in each of our hearts.

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

November 27, 2007


What is really important depends on the picture that we envision. Creating new dimensions will allow thought howdtside da baax - to address issues from another angle, a different point of view. Einstein said that you can never fix a problem in the state of mind that you generated it. We get what we dwell on - so it is time to dwell on peace, good will, love, emotional stability, compassion, knowledge, truth, wisdom, sharing and caring. On all scales!

The wisdom of the ages is collected in books, songs, art and culture. Modern life does not reward so much as it entertains, keeping people distracted as they continue learned behavior rather than being instinctual. Thought is learned behavior, but consciousness is more than just thought. The underlying priority is that the universe is going to manifest itself and how much we make it happen is entirely up to us. We put ourselves into situations that occur by living outside the now and dealing with things that are esoteric, not germane to the relevant problems at hand.

For me, this is a winter dry run in anticipation of a really bad winter next year. Looking at the flow of opportunity - talking about permaculture with banks and local non-profits about forward funding sustainability is something that needs to be considered. However, the funding streams need to be self-generated by the goods and services that the community produces - too many individual egos working within the current system stand between two realities.

Permacultutre - crash course 101 needs to be applied with urgency - but in such a way that people willingly accept changes in role - to get functional rather than be window dressing. Grow food and medicinal herbs by using natural principles - then grow fiber for clothing and shelter. Then grow ... you get the idea.

November 15, 2007


spirals are ever present
moving in and flowing howdt
mixed psychotic cope with
fall-out of economics
avarice and greed
pursuit of the almighty dollar
worth less by the day
gone in a matter of months...
unrecognized ability
to delay the inevitable
beyond tomorrow
bootstrap up again
find a new horizon
paradigm shift is in
current time coordinates
form broken apart to whole
sustainable permaculture
help us help ourselves
with peace and love
compassion in knowledge
wisdom and truth.

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

November 13, 2007

Peace Time

peace be with us
despite the intensity
of triple helix spiral dances
altering minds with alien energy
disrupting thought again
to live in the moment, silence
to march to the drum
trade heartsong quid pro quo
without wanting too much
too soon, compressed timelines
enwrap visions of flowers
with confidence to be, in aura

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Hello Again

Doctor Lenny has found his way back to the net. Thanks to father gaia for holding the space. Lots has transpired since we were last here - the monk story will have to wait for other days. Dr. Lenny is working hard to find what water does. Water is everywhere - but we have little appreciation for how it really works. It may be the seat of consciousness - how to prove things when we have an amazingly overburdening burden of proof - and nothing we can really hold onto.. Que sera. Hope to be blogging more frequently.

November 01, 2007

Hello again

Have returned to the net. Baba Ram Daas has nothing on the nudist buddist monk that i have met. I hope to post a story later concerning some of our current trial and trevails. Life is reaching the turning point as described by Fritjof Capra in the eighties. The quickening is upon us and i just have to roll with the punches.

The new theory that i have been working on places the basis of sentience in the water molecule. There are so many spirits evolving in this plane, that i just have to take each soul that i encounter for what its worth. I have become aware of many things that i did not previously understand - we have a totally different world paradigm than the one in which we were raised. I just do the best i can - taking each person in with love and respect for the weigh that they see things, completely different than how i see them.

So i have been listening to some very positive discussions from people like Eckhardt Tolle and David Korten. They seem to have picked up on the subtlty of how this change works - a yin and a yang, rather than just yanking the yang chain. I have been contemplating DNA in terms of matter, energy and spirit and have some different theories ready to unwind. i am grounded to the earth, yet not grounded to a specific place or time. In fact my time is in the moment and i can't be looking forward or backward and do what is called upon me to do - which is to Be Here Now. My friend the Thai Buddist Monk will see to that.