July 01, 2013

Welcome July

   All is well and doc is playing guru on the mountaintop - trying to see clearly once the reign is gone.  The total dissolution of the active whirled view has led to visits to Shasta and Toketee and now we set off to the wilderness.  I came upon a revelation - the reverse psychology necessary to think it through to the next level is on the weigh.  I need to be able to explain complexity in simple terms and then watch as the pieces are replanted in different context.  Numbers are, well, numbers.
    All my pre-written material is now moot - so i will save the text for a book later in the game.  The difference between holographs and morphogenesis is the area of grey where both can operate independently from the other - there is either a there, there or just the now, now.  If you unfocus the brain and think with the gut, the clarity intensifies as the details melt away.  We can scale down easily, but scale up is a bitch in heat.  Yet the theory of microscopic reversibility is a two-way street.
   This theory holds that when you take a random step, you can always take the step back to where your were as the very nest step.  Two steps forward, one step back.  My question of the day is - when you step back, are you really at the place that you just left, or is it a slight fractal of the place?  Does time shift absolute distance in every moment?  If you go down and then up, or up and then down, does the order of the direction have significance?  Are the top and the bottom truly opposites, or are they really the same place?
   Each of us have our little quirks that act like the quarks of physics - we find ourselves being a little strange and leading a good life that seems charmed, until we falter and have the pathway to another lesson.  When we ground our signal and get to the root of our desire - we separate needs from wants.  If i have the tools i need, I can pursue the wants on my bucket list of desires.  The idea of being clear for oneself is absolutely necessary as a precondition to working with other.  Seeing our unique self in context to the whole of Gaia and the black hole of universal mobius energy and all the big picture is also very relevant - we are small and insignificant cogs in many wheels of life.  We are trees in a forest, we are people, places and things.
   We all vibrate - our frequency can be high or low.  Our pitch can be loud or soft.  We are music in the divine and we are all individually part of the same one.  Now that we are clear, we can move it on to two.  We come into life as a point source, from zero to one and master two distinct ones before we move to two.  The we most likely move back to one, or liking two we keep switching two - changing partners.  We feel confident when spins align, out of sorts when left alone, outside our sea of stability.  Yet there is also calm at the center of a storm.  
   The mixing of pace, kinetics, with potential energy, thermodynamics, holds the keys to grokking many other fields.  The Fibonacci sequence provides a non-linear expansion of the weigh - each new fractal begins at an indivisible one.  By the time we get from two to three to five, we can also be in a loop from two to one to one and remain back at our starting point - trying to figure out, which one?  They are truly the same - mirrors of symmetry gathered together by different means, from the left hand or from the right hand - the perspective is different.  After two grows to three, it can step to five - the dynamics of five are entirely different than any preceding number.
   The number do more than simple counting and accounting.  They provide texture under the structure - the aether that makes life work as it does.  As above, so below is always true - the manifestation may not seem that way because the illusion take place from the eyes of the beholder.  It works the weigh you think it works, until doubted.  Once you doubt, then new discovery is required and you enter the fractal schemes again at one.  Being able to form a golden mean spiral requires enough depth to get outside the linear range - hence we operate howdtside da baax.
   Time to be lemme - love you all.  Namaste'   doc

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Elevate from a birch bard to a yew ovate or maybe a myrtle majestic , cedar cocreator hah , ya path of peace an beauty . A