December 02, 2005

Individual Accountability Assessment

If you play your cards properly and wait peacefully for your turn to come, you will still be waiting when they place you into your grave. Tomorrow, my local congress critter comes to town and just happens to be a captive audience for me to badger during a 3.5 hour program. Being that i just can't help being a curmudgeon, i'll have to inquire about what really goes on the the hallowed halls of congress, and why congress is the notorious opposite of progress.

A few questions: How come we are still in Iraq? Can we dispense with overlapping jurisdictions by reducing the number of unconstitutional federal agencies? How can the homeland be secure if we can't control the flow of people over our borders? Why is there a drug war? Would you please join Ron Paul's liberty committee.

Hopeless - I'll probably get the chance to chat, but the PC of the crowd will delineate the flavor of my comment - this is home turf, i'd like this seat once it is abandoned by this incumbent running for his 10th term. Must make nice. Must make nice. Must make nice. why, it's all crap and all falling apart. Must make nice ...

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