December 09, 2005

random chaotic hitz

i blogged in claireville the other day and had the details of the Mayan calendar explained to me. It's almost Spock-like in its logic. The blogging communities that have developed as part of the interwebbing of sites makes it such that if anarchy would even be attempted, the movement toward the next order will have been initiated. A chaos watch and an order watch on the march to 2012 will become features of the howdtworld concept.

chaotic as it seems - people always show up to the party late and get belligerent when they find they've missed the action. Like it's supposed to wait for them. Opportunity is a door that swings open and shut, if the barn door taps your rear, the horses are gone. Each time we have to go back and pick up somebody that missed the bus, the amount of time we have on our journey when we get there shortens. Time is important, and people blow it off, yet live by their watches. If you know your always late, change your watch by 15 minutes. i don't wear a watch, no feel pressured by time - except when other people care to use my time - i care that they not waste it.

orderly - does the lack of germs in hospitals in general just create an atmosphere that sterilizes people's immune systems when they really need to have them activated? does taking a drug to meet a symptom that you heard about on television, give a placebo effect that solves the problem mentally, no matter what the chemical content of the pill? how do we know that what the label says is the truth - since the corporate crusaders for the companies (like Rummy and Searle and Nutrisweet) have demonstrated their ability to deceive large masses of people for power and profit. What would happen if as a protest, we only filled our gas tanks half-way and let them deal with an overcapacity problem, would prices go down? (mel's idea) (prices of gas have gone down, while masking the severe price rise in everything else)

oh, i guess this orderly is kinda chaotic too - well, dr. Lenny's just a walking bundle of chaos, with an howdt of left field anarchic approach, node howdt.

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