December 05, 2005

papa dont preach

was i the only person that caught the irony of biographies of Ayn Rand and Madonna superimposed on having read Atlas Shrugged thrice, and aging thru life with madonna, i would suggest that both are in my top five female entertainment superheroes - altho i do not idolitize. (joni mitchell, martina navratilova, grandma treetoad)

what these women share is the discipline of focus. They live life walking the walk that goes with the talk. Life is filled with disappointments and successes - neither one lasting long enough to make significant difference, unless you work at it. The self discipline to be overfocused on living in the world you create, rather than the world where you're told what to do. For women, this is even more of an accomplishment than for men because of the history, not because of the ability.

drawing the most out of your own ability will allow you to get to where ever you choose to go. Allowing others to superimpose their control system is an active point of personal weakness. No fault judgement intended - just that you cede to a higher power the right to tell you what you may/may not do.

Notice that the people that pass really good information, generally know what they are talking about. They tend to do their homework and continually gather new information that pushes the borders of the field of interest. Then they tell people about it search for someone to prove them wrong. If nobody can ...

order and chaos are yin/yang concepts. but physics suggests that order requires work effort and everything left on it's own goes toward chaos. putting in the work has to be done somewhere, but the return from that work is a reward that only you can determine for you. If it is not worth the effort - listen to other people tell you what to do. But sit down, shut up and stop griping about it. Otherwise, get out there and do some work.

but what is work? it's what you do with your time. if you trade it for money, you get money to spend on things you wish to acquire. If what you wish to acquire doesn't cost money, then why chase money? value is not necessarily money, although money is hopefully always of some value. Except soon, here, it might not be. i am certain that the scheme predates ponzi by quite a bit - he just did it with memorable flair.

dr. lenny is a chemist philosopher educator (bard?) with interest in natural resources. youth are a natural resource. why our education system has decided to enslave youth rather than invest in youth is beyond me. Pay attention to things - all things must change - you can only change things you have control over - you control your own time - decide what value your time has and put it to use, anticipating change. Do not expect people to teach you, unless you are willing to learn. Find a mentor and set up a time for time trade. Then find a mentee and set up a time for time trade. Become an intergenerational conduit of knowledge in an area of your interest on a personal level. Only you have the power to make yourself a natural resources - it depends on how much ownership you have of your own world.

Both Ayn Rand and Madonna built the world around them in the image that they wished it to be. You can too, but only with self-discipline and a work ethic. (this sermon was much shorter than john galt's speech)

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