May 04, 2013

Accept Truth Change

The change is come – the mean distribution centers toward the hundredth monkey concept – we know when is is, despite the assertion that he never had sex with that woman. Hilary neither. A match made in heaven – must be pure, unadulterated hell.

We know right from wrong and now must choose the path. The righteous would make that choice for us, but it really is our personal responsibility to think things through and make the proper choice for ourselves. 
The being that you are now is aware of the now, the present moment. The fulcrum can shift upon the fall of a single grain. The measurement scale must be refined to produce the tangible measurement appropriate to the dilution. A concentrate has more tangible assets, but less of the liabilities and costs – effort has been placed toward evoking separation based on transference of form via energy. How can we design energy production facilities based on the appropriate scale of heat and power that are required to complete the task?

We each come from a different direction of focus – the size of the group is a measure of the scale as expressed by levels of depth. The need to elucidate depth as a function of work hours applied toward direct experience cannot be transformed. You have to put in hours of thought time and hours of hands on time to develop a competence in the topic you seek to master. Each master is continually probing to new depths and is somewhat oblivious to other events transpiring in simultaneous ventures. This attraction to the point source of interest is what drives the work engine – applying mind and spirit to the same task.

To develop mastery of a topic, we need to immerse ourselves in our own games and lose perspective of the bigger picture. The concept of mutual defense should enlist a portion of our service people, because no matter how much we trust each other – others will think differently. Diplomacy is an art of war. The written text is a source of information that must be translated into a functional form in order for acceptance of the information provided. 
The value of the truth is that at any point, a fact may change and set forth a cascade of mistruth that must be evaluated as individual components of the whole. We build up our belief systems and hardly ever reevaluate the assumptions – the truth is something teased out of the tidbits of information that call attention to themselves. 
We do not share a common heritage; diversity of thought should be a recognized value. If we each take a different approach and we come to the same conclusion, then we reenforce out knowledge and have secondary systems in place – as back-up to the failure of the primary. A single voice in a crowd could share a different perspective that changes the mind-set of the whole. Take the expectation that this will occur at a fixed periodic rate that is a function of the variables of the system and the scale of the workings.

Dream – dream, dream. The intention demonstrated to the dream state is revealed to be a foreshadow of enabling the events to come. The idea that time is an illusion is impossible when talking about derivatives based on time such as speed and acceleration. We are good at taking things apart and psychoanalyzing them to death as to how they function. Why can't we view emergent behavior in the same manner, as a function of larger scale? What behavior emerges with added complexity? Do we know? Do we care to know? Kinda scary, eh?

When you get your facts supporting your figures, it all comes down to the bottom line. Qui Bono? Who benefits? When we declare the old game over and reshuffle up the deck for a new deal, can we start with the equity of sharing a diverse nature? Can we agree to disagree and listen to each other as we share our challenges to gain new perspective? 
Localizing means becoming self-sufficient – if I can take a competence field and share my results to your satisfaction, then you can free up your time to focus on things are are more beneficial to you and net better for all of us. The support services should be matched to the needs of the people accomplishing the work at all scales of every endeavor. How, is the topic for another day.

A good theory for the end of the working week. Namaste' doc 050313

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