August 18, 2014

Love Vibrations in Chemistry

Consciousness changes pendent upon focus.  The vibrational levels that we can reach are functions of clarity of mind, body and soul together:  each realm has its own space and time which can be physically different from anything we think we know.  We can find the place by going inside, vast and deep; it requires having the time to be rather than being what others expect us to be.

What is in our mind's eye is what appears to be real on the surface.  What is in our hearts is the pathway to get to the soul, which answers to our gut as the main decider.  When each form approaches zero, no thought, no feeling, no urge - the you that you are becomes readily apparent.  Finding yourself and being is the first place that transformation sets.  That which is within is all around. Gil

Each of us vibrates on many specific frequencies - based upon the dimensional space of the arrangement of atoms.  These atoms find the lowest energy of comfort and establish a base level called the ground state.  Each change that moves an atom out of its comfort zone requires an energy input.  When it returns home, to the ground state, it emits a vibration.  Atoms have vibrations and molecules, collections of atoms, have vibrations in a different range.  Macromolecules have repetitive geometry that enhances signal- creates more amplitude at the same wavelength.  DNA has a light force that speaks within each cell.

The games of three dee corporation people is complete nonsense.  The legal system is a construct, the educational system is in service to ensure a common fiction, which is dissolving as we continue to disbelieve.  To watch and laugh and not get caught up in any minutae of the day - the requirement that we pay attention is the construct that they need to hold our low vibration thought.  Every thought of three dee is coupled to underlying assumption of what we were taught in school.  We have to unlearn some things in order to advance beyond where we are - that is what the vibrational shift is about.

Love is the basis of chemical bonding.  Each vibration has an amplitude and a period.  When we think about sine waves, we think about a unidirectional flow of up and down in equivalent height, spaced at a regular distance.  Change the thought to a point source radiating in all directions, where the interaction of waves changes each of the waves, ad the combination has new character.  Group theory provides for the mathematics of the origin of frequency based on molecular geometry.  The high or low frequency depends on the amount of energy that can be emitted as light, where the more love contained, the more pent in energy effectively moving toward higher light.

Energy is harmonic.  Each vibration builds upon prior vibration.  The point source of origin is inside all of us, as each of us is part of one. Division is a perceived lowering of energy - regrouping can help us create a chaos that dissolves into a higher apparent order.  Peace induces love, let's get back into heartspace and clear the headspace for some new beginnings.  Chemists have the solutions, let's look at the whirled from a molecular point of view.

Namaste' ...  doc

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