August 13, 2014

Point Source

A point source and a star have the same resolution - both are round spheres of one.  The course structure leads to overall generality while fine structure resolves itself into the immediacy of being.  As a philosopher, consciousness is generated by the interaction of thought with space.  As a scientist, consciousness is the interaction of water with the components of cells.  Imagination is everything: the pictures that we paint of current reality become that reality.

Five dimensional space is based on higher frequency thoughts and love.  The physical space that we have now is three dimensional.  To bridge the gap one must let go of the consciousness of learned behavior and achieve a self-formed bliss state.  To lose the anger, the stress and the inner turmoil, one needs to give up the attachment to the world of tangible things.  It's not that they're not there; it that they're not there to manipulate us into believing we can affect their illusion.  We can ignore it and build our own illusions that work just as well.

To learn requires a different mechanism than school.  To unlearn, one should start to observe things that are the weigh they are without the need for us to change them.  Nature is not a battle grounds f live and death; it is a metamorphosis of opera in many different fractal realms.  The flowers and the trees provide a mechanism of exchange, a metabolism, for a large planetary entity Gaia, that we can only imagine as a large round globe.  Another form of point source.

People are a manifestation of the need for like to like like.  The mega-transformation of time coupled to space created a knowledge leap that delinked the keys to the mechanisms of life - only it opened a single pathway for each specific field of endeavor.  The complications of life made it so that trust in a system of subsystems depended on each one functioning independently and consistently within it's own realm.  Can you image if your colon shut down because of an argument with your stomach?

In political reality, some subsets have over-consumed their realms and placed monkey wrenches in front of us all, to keep this real alive for no good reason. The wars will not happen in this reality that i exist in, because i do not recognize the ability of others to create the weigh that i believe.  I am not part of the common consensus - i am a point source of new guidance.  The laws of man are superseded by the laws of nature - natural law trumps the robed mystics of the mythic monetary system.

Things take time to change, yet every mechanism has a single transition state.  This is the point where reversibility is lost.  Once actions are set in motion to release energy from the construct, the energy builds until a crescendo of blunt force meeting immobile object takes place.  We have all been here before.  

The game stops with us, because we no longer believe in the fealty of the operation.  The illusion that anyone knows more than anyone else is an aspect of their focus.  You have your own weigh of thinking - unique to everyone n your sphere, except mebbe one confidant.  Mathematics of probability say it can be done with 256 types - four shades of 64.

Thirteen is a magic number, a Fibonacci bridge between eight and twenty-one.  Frequency is measures in some form of cycles per unit time - for convenience think cycles per second.  Think sine waves radiating outward from a point source, with a varying state of density.  Some waves are squished together, other waves are stretched rather thin and elongated.  All waves vibrate.  Emissions are exhales of energy, absorption is the means of acquisition.  Solid particles emit waves of a variety of frequencies - each resonating on a pattern that sets forth from a lattice.

Water forms that lattice... more later

Namaste' ...  doc

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