August 11, 2012


Getting Ready to go Information Mining - The adventure into the cosmos is going to be extremely entertaining for what it is and also for what it is not.  My plan is to establish nodes of scientific importance for ONRRI to establish the longer term measurement of natural resources that i envisioned when we launched on January 2nd, 2001.  We were way ahead of our time back then in the concepts that we introduced, so the energy diffused over other more pressing issues and personality began to govern rather than hearts and minds.

Group theory has to do with symmetry, looking at facets of rotation as mathematically descending out into identical sub-components.  If all is well, then nothing is 'skew'.  When you break the symmetry by introducing a new polarity, then you have to recheck those symmetrical components to see that they still balance out.  If they don't, then you have to consider them in your next line of thinking.  Sacred geometry demonstrates a perfection of form embodies by shape (and sound, and color, and ...)

I have three different sub-levels of personal mining that i can use with analogy to each other to frame a picture.  If i lay claim to an areas that i call randomness, that will give me a packet of four that can branch into a sixteen and i have just reduced the complexity of my game vision by an order of magnitude.  That is as opposed to a chaos of magnitude, which is what we see if we watch the current picture too closely.

I am working on a question game called ore - which asks a question and polls the audience for an answer.  I was going to launch after i got back from a travel obligation, but i may just use the next post to float a trial balloon...

namaste'     doc

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