August 10, 2012

Real Games

     Watched the movie What the BLEEP the other day - i remember when it came out in 2007 and i was enamored that one of my old Reform Party friends, John Hagelin, was featured in the movie.  The concepts discussed in the movie have held up fairly well - but the description of the quantum world was just a bit misleading.  I recognized a lot more of the cast - all in all, they set an interesting plate, before meta-physics meets pop-culture.  This movie can serve as a legitimate barometer to measure advances at the edge of science - however it presupposes some things that are just not true.
     I am not certain how to tease what is true from what is not true throughout the whole of science, but i have to know which things are not what they seem, because there are gaps where the modern explanation loses some of the basic premises.  Like as above, so below.  Getting back to basics and looking with unbiased eyes is child's play - so i am going to work with children to design interest based learning - like redile is research directed learning.  Inbale nah - i'll find a good acronym later, along with a good avatar
     Groups and individuals have very different perspectives.  Groups are made up of individuals and the agenda of each individual is not necessarily clear when the group is formed.  Each individual is requested to subjugate responsibility in areas where they previously held autonomy and that is not a comfortable situation for people who have watched responsibility leave the room as soon as they weren't watching.
     I am willing to speak highly of my personal friends; i offer an honest answer whenever i perceive an honest question.  I trust what people tell me until i find out otherwise and this gets me in trouble due to my naivety of the dark - i am so fascinated by the symmetry of the universe that i get lost in the facets and i lose time in great bundles.  Makes it hard to hold a just over broke position.  But if the group defines my responsibility and the benefit i gather by my membership, then i have to consider the options .. options .. options.
     Options in Monopoly were another different concept the took a while to catch on, but made the game change in perception.  I'll give you Baltic for your option on Ventnor and you'ld take it to get the minotels up, and i'd already have Marvin's Garden.  Twenty three minutes and one major trade later - you land on Ventnor and start pulling out hundreds when i remind you that i own your option and then pay for my yellow monopoly that changes the game.  How capitalistic.  How not in the written rules.  How parallel to truth?
     Every game has it's own rules and then the people who supercede those rules.  The elites.  The ones who know better.  Why?  Because they have secret non-transparent information.  Why?  Because they are good liars and made it all up?  Why?  To spray chemtrails.  Huh?  Logic Breakdown.
     The rabbit hole goes too deep for any one of us as individuals to be able to gain transparency.  However, the sausage maker has been fired and the strands are more like spaghetti, waiting to be teased out from each other, with identifyable nodes where disinformation might be present.  For now, just think.  Summer festival season calls and events are off-line experiences where you gotta be there with all of you.  Look up at the skies in the early morning darkness for visual treats.
     Namaste'     doc

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